The helping hand of a sexy trainee

Give bitcoind 12 - The helping hand of a sexy traineeFinally Monday has arrived, I had been looking forward to the first construction day all weekend. I waited downstairs and played with my mobile phone when Milan got out of the van with his trainee.

He patted me on the shoulder and introduced me: “This is Kristen, my new trainee”. Friendly, she stretched out her hand towards me, and her eyes – I think they were blue or grey, I can’t say exactly because I’m colour-blind on blue – looked at me cheekily and mischievously.

“Actually, I’m a student, but I want to earn some extra money during the semester break.” You know,” she winked at me, “maybe someone can teach me something…” “If you knew what I would like to teach you best now,” I thought to myself.

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A bump in my trousers was clearly visible, and somehow I was terribly embarrassed; if only she didn’t notice anything. Actually she fit exactly into my baggage scheme: quite small, about 1.60 tall, blonde, curly hair, sweet dimples in the cheeks and beautiful female curves. It’s a pity that she wore overgarments, because I would have liked to have seen her ass better. In front of my inner eye I already saw what I could do with her. “Do you just want to look at me or renovate your pad?” I was torn from my daydreams.

I let her climb the stairs in front of me and stared bluntly at her backside, which waved back and forth with every step. “The parquet floor has to come out… To the sacks, girls”. “Yes, sir,” she looked at me from below and smiled. “Best I will kneel down.” Somewhat very close to my body she let herself fall to her knees. I thought I could feel the wonderful warmth that her body radiated. “Do you have a screwdriver in your pocket?” She fixed my abdomen and I’m sure she noticed my stand. Even before we started work, I started sweating.

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Concentrated work is something else. I kept looking over at Kristen and trying to catch a glimpse of her body. Like lightning a pain struck me: I had injured myself to an old nail. “Fucking shit.” Immediately she stood beside me, took my hand and put my bloody finger in her mouth. If it doesn’t hurt, you’ve done something wrong,” she giggled coquettishly. She began to circle her tongue tip around my fingertip, gently sucking her finger and inserting it deeper and deeper into her pretty mouth. She looked me so deeply in the eyes that I melted like a piece of butter in the sun. “Do you like pain, Kristen?” “Yes, the sweet, tingling pain that only a man can bring to a woman.” With both hands I embraced your waist and pressed it firmly against my throbbing abdomen. If she hadn’t noticed my stiffness yet, I would have been exposed by now. “You can have that, trainee,” I ruled over her, and I was amused by her frightened facial expression. “Today I belong to you, my great one.

In the next room we heard Milan working. Quietly I closed the door and turned the key. “What do interns do when a guy locks himself in a room with them?” “She fulfils his most secret wishes.

She wanted to kneel down again, but I held her back. My hands, still wrapped around her hip, slowly wandered higher, under her T-shirt. I explored her upper body and when I reached her firm breasts, probably a crisp B cup, and stroked her erect nipples, she started to sigh. “Silence! Your boss is in the next room”. She stretched her arms upwards, probably as an invitation to strip her shirt off. When I could see her two exposed little hills, it was about my control. “Now you may kneel before me. Open my jeans and show me that you are a good trainee”.

She did what she was told. My tail stretched greedily towards her and she took him in her moist, warm mouth. Her lips enclosed the shaft while her velvety tongue played with my glans. Her little head moved back and forth, I was so charged that after a few shocks I exploded in her fuck mouth and poured my seed into her. Bravely she swallowed my salty load down and licked her lips as if she had really enjoyed it. I pulled my tool belt out of my pants and put it around her neck, looped in. She let it happen and wore it proudly, like a dog collar. “It is time for you to be tamed, my sweet! I want your naked body. Right here and now”. I pulled out the Converse Chucks, in which she was stuck barefoot, while she opened the zipper of her work trousers. Very slowly – because she knew exactly how to make me horny – she took off her pants and stood in front of me in the fiery red thong. I knelt down in front of her and sucked her panties out with my teeth. The smell of her shaved plum brought me right back to speed. Her labia were slightly open and I just had to kiss her. I tasted her delicious nectar and my tongue began to play with her love pearl. As gently as I could in my frenzy, I licked and caressed her until she kept opening up to me. My tongue explored her Garden of Eden until – dripping wet – it came in front of my face. It was indescribably beautiful how she contracted and waved with pleasure.

“You naughty girl! How dare you come without asking my permission beforehand! On all four of them, on the ground,” I ruled over them. I pulled her down by the belt so that her face lay on the bare wooden floor. The noose had tightened tighter, her face turned red and her eyes glassy, she boldly stretched her plump ass into the air. With my free hand I took a skirting board and drosch on her juicy cheeks. “If you scream, I’ll shut your mouth”. Just a quiet whimper came over her lips. I enjoyed the sight of the bright red stripes on her ass. With my left foot I stand on the belt, so that her little head remained nicely on the ground. Gently I began to clap the groin on her labia from behind. “Fester, boss,” she asked me. So I pulled out further and the groin clapped against her shell, which was getting more and more wet. She screamed as her whole body began to twitch and she gave herself up to a violent orgasm.

For me there was now also no stopping. I HAVE to deposit my THEN with her. I let go of the belt around her neck for a moment so she could turn on her back. So I was able to kneel between her angled legs and had a wonderful view of her sparkling kitten, which was so wet that fine trickles of her body juice ran towards the floor. Finally I lay down on her hot, soft body. Milan was still hammering in the next room. I penetrated deep into her as she wrapped her legs around my boiling body. Her underling was my haven of bliss. Narrow, hot and humid. I moved with slow and gentle blows in her as I tightened the belt tighter again. Unable to move and almost unconscious because of the lack of oxygen, she came violently under my movements. The contractions of her vulva massaged my hammer and took the last droplets out of me.

“Hey, what are you doing over there?” Milan’s words abruptly brought us back to reality. “Nothing at all, dude”…

Quickly we got dressed again and unlocked the door when Milan was already standing on the threshold with two ice-cold bottles of beer. His dirty grin told us that he had heard everything. Finally, the belt was dangling from Kristen’s neck, and her sweet fuzzy head was a bit wilder to look at than when we started working.