Erotic Experiences of a Sales Representative

Give bitcoind 12 - Erotic Experiences of a Sales RepresentativeHello, I am Heike and 22 years old. I work as a sales representative for a large food company.

I have to offer new products, maintain shelves and sell them naturally.

That I came to this job is pure coincidence. The friend of a friend had found something better and recommended me as a successor without my knowledge. Since my previous job had just been cancelled, it was all right with me, I was accepted.

What happened to me then, I could not even begin to suspect.

Talking a lot, being friendly, being well dressed were all normal things.

But that I didn’t go down well with some store managers, I couldn’t know.

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Sexy Sales Representative

Privately I always attracted myself very provocatively, because it made me horny myself again and again, if I could let my tits flash, best cut out so deeply that even the warts were to be seen rudimentarily.

As said, that made me horny again and again and I have taken some Bumspartner with me home. There was then fucked unrestrained. Some showed me something new, new positions, others I had to guide. Many did not know, for example, that you could fuck a woman even in the ass.

So far my private life.

In the first 3 weeks my sales manager is still with me on tour, so that I 1. already knew the markets and 2. in the products. That was also no problem at all. Almost all store managers were nice and courteous.

Then it started alone.

The first 3 store managers were very nice, but only with one I could write an order. Then it came, and right on the first day.

I came to the supermarket, asked a 30 year old man about the store manager. Oh, that’s me, he said. I introduced myself and offered him our products. He said: “Then come to the warehouse, let’s see what else we have.

So we go to the warehouse and there immediately into the darkest corner. What will that be, I asked myself.

He explained to me that he would like to kiss me because I am a very pretty girl.

How dare you, I whispered at him.

Well, who is going to be angry. So far it has only been a request, but if you want to sell well, you should consider whether you are not ready for it after all. That is not blackmail, only a suggestion. I assume that you will be here again in four weeks, then we will see what decision you have made.

With these words he said goodbye to me.

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In the car I had to recover from this fright first of all, what does such a donkey think at all. It does not remain nevertheless with the kiss, he wants to fuck me then certainly also.

First I wanted to report this incident, but then I thought to myself, first talk to your predecessor.

So on, nothing more happened that day, except that many store managers tried to look into my blouse.

But in the next weeks there were exactly 8 clear offers.

In the evening I drove by my girlfriend to report with her about this first day and to ask her boyfriend how I should deal with the request of the horny buck (so I called him quietly).

Yes, the friend said, the decision lies completely with you, if you announce this offer, you are the customer los, then he will buy your products only after order replacement and that is of course for you a huge loss of turnover, especially since he will not remain with certainty the only one.

The best way to reach these customers is to dress up provocatively on your 2nd visit. You know, with lace bra, slightly transparent blouse and short skirt, but not too short.

Oh dear, what is coming towards you there, I sighed in such a way before me, without someone could hear it,

Something else, never go into a market where you don’t know the store manager or the buyer yet.

What can I say, I made my rounds. Some of them approached me directly about a love affair, most of them accepted me as I was, some of them I wasn’t sure about and if it was a store manager or a buyer, then my clothes were considered benevolently.

It took a total of 6 weeks until I had turned my first round.

The turnover was promising, I had reached my target. My sales manager only said: “It was very good for the first round, let’s see how it develops.

Now came my doubts, because the 4th customer wanted to kiss me.

So it came also with this attendance. Off to the warehouse, but this time to the office of the warehouse manager. Without asking at all whether I agree.

Stop so, do not, I became somewhat cheeky. First the work then the pleasure.

With it I had gambled of course, because indirectly, I had already said yes.

Well, he looked into his computer to see how much of our goods were still there and only said, then I’d just do an action with your goods and ordered 3 times the normal amount.

Now come on, let me kiss you. Nothing else remained for me now than to go into it. He kissed so fantastically that my legs became soft.

He only kissed, nothing else, but I was really horny from the kisses. My pussy became so wet that she already began to overflow. I could not stand it any more, so my pussy itched me. The panties take off, unpack the tits and pull down his pants was a work cycle.

Come on, fuck me, push me your thick pipe in my pussy. I want to feel your cock. Now go on, your pipe is already quite stiff and is under pressure.

Touch my tits, knead them, make the nipples stiff. Come on, I can’t stand it any longer.

Then he came to me and rammed his steel hard penis into my receptive hole.

Hardly he was in it, I exploded, could not suppress my screams any more. More and more I cheered him on. Go, come fuck me, rammel my pussy, ooh I come, I come it. Splash me full. Because he could not hold himself any more and pumpte me the Fickloch really full. I could not keep everything in my pussy. Definitely half is run out again, dripped to the ground and ran down my legs.

He then wanted to put his cock in my mouth, but I said no, although I was still hotter than boiling water.

We save the blowing for the next visit.

He was satisfied with that. I could get dressed and go.

Oh la, la I thought with me, a good fuck and an even better order, what more do you want.

Also on this day nothing more happened. I had changed also, so that I did not come so provocatively therefore.

Nothing happened the next day either. There came me already doubts whether probably at all still someone wanted something from and/or with me.

Too early pleased, the next day it came with the buyer and the store manager almost to a quarrel. Both were probably hot on my pussy.

Of course, the store manager sat down through He pulled me into his office and wanted to pull my blouse over my head to look at my tits. This day I wore no bra, although I already have quite a lot of wood in front of the hut. But he didn’t hang too much for the size.

Also here I wanted to fuck first the work and then.

He said only, you must agree that with the buyer. But that has time, first I want to fuck you right through.

How would you like it? I up, you down or would you rather ride me. With your delicious tits we can also do a tits fuck:

I thought of the buyer and what he probably wanted from me. Oh, come Heike, let you fuck here and the buyer can pump me his juice on my bells. If he has a nice big cock, there is a tits fuck, otherwise I blow him one.

The went through my head and let me take it off. Nothing I had at more.

Man, the store manager looked. He had probably never seen a shaved pussy.

This made me horny again, so I put my back on the desk, spread my legs and with my fingers my pussy wide opened.

He began to blow correctly and to get air. Help, only yes no heart attack, I thought only still.

At that moment he had caught himself again, still staring at my shaved hole. Well, I shouted to him, you wanted to fuck me, now do it too. Do you think I took my clothes off for nothing? I finally want to have a tail in it. That he quickly let down his pants and came with his cock in the vicinity of my pussy. Only, that was not a penis as you imagine, no, it was not yet a worm, just a little worm.

At first I thought he just wasn’t stiff yet, but the worm didn’t get bigger.

I thought about how it could work with us now, when a huge load shot him out of his dick. Everything on my shaved cunt. To think I came but not, he bent over my hot hole and began to lick his own juice on.

I was horny and nothing happened because I had to do something about it. So I pushed him my pussy again and again in the face. There remained to him then nothing else about his tongue in my pussy to stick. At least that was beautiful long. Still a little control and already he had found my horny point,

Go lick him, then I’ll come to something.

He reacted immediately and licked me, licked me so diligently that I came very quickly.

I always thought the same thing, first they make you really hot and then nothing works anymore.

However, I had forgotten the buyer, perhaps he had more on it.

To the store manager I said: That’s it with both of us, now send me the buyer, you can go for such a long walk.

He looked completely stunned, as if he wanted to say: “I wasn’t enough for you. But then he packed his earthworm and disappeared.

Less than 3 minutes later the buyer was there. He had already lowered his trousers, as if he had watched and wanked himself.

Well, my friend, but now first the business and then the pleasure.

Nah, he says, the boss does that in such a case.

Well, if you don’t want to, I’ll get dressed and you can see where you are.

No, stay, he pleaded, I’ll print out the order quickly, then we can get started.

That’s how it happened.

Before I thought, oh dear, another little thing. But with every step he came closer, his best piece grew. I am used to many things, but what grew up there frightened even me.

You can really only blow him, he doesn’t fit in the cunt.

But he headed purposefully for my hole. Now comes the pain, I believed, but no, he knelt and licked my pussy once properly wet. Then he pushed me his oversized thing between his legs and into my now really slippery pussy.

Finally I had something neat in it. He shoved his thick cautiously back and forth, took care that he did not hurt me, then suddenly rid himself like a rabbit.

That was perhaps a horny feeling. Long I could not hold myself with such a tail. Started to moan and scream and already it came to me. He must have noticed that in time, because at the same time with me spit his pipe all his sticky content in my pussy.

It was good, I thanked him, attracted me and went. The order I had yes.

So I went on to the next supermarket.

There is at least one boss here who also does the shopping, I was happy.

But what should I still say big. The woman was a lesbian and wanted to eat me up.

Not that I have anything against a pure woman fuck, but today it was all too much for me.

With a lot of skill I could then fuck her from the thought of me. Abbringen. With the next visit I will probably not be able to evade any more.

So again further, without fuck.

With the next two customers, everything was quiet, nobody wanted anything, not even in my blouse (without bra) they looked.

But the third one had it in him again.

The store manager came up to me all by himself, said: “They are again, today I have something special for them.

He gave me a job where I opened my eyes wide, I’ve never had such a big one before.

Well, please come again with me there is another surprise.

He steered me behind a shelf, pulled down his trousers and begged: “Now please blow me one, I am so horny and nobody wants me today. The woman away, the girlfriend away, so today I’m all alone and I don’t like jerking off.

Then I took off my blouse so that he could see my rocking tits. Nahm his middle-sized cock in the mouth and blew off vigorously on it.

Quite so horny he can not have been, however, because it took quite a while until it came to him.

I wanted to swallow his juice but not, pulled him out and let me run everything on my tits.

It wasn’t too much but hot, so it was quite pleasant. But how was I supposed to wipe the stuff off, there was no cloth nearby. So he had to take off his trousers and underpants so that I could wipe my tits clean.

I was hardly finished with it, someone began to clap. I looked wildly around me, but could not immediately discover anything. But then, I saw two men through a gap in the otherwise full shelf have watched how I have blown. I couldn’t see it, but surely they had their tail in their hand and wanked.

I rushed around the corner and turned the two on: Well you have wanked well. Nah, they both said, we have our hands in our pockets all the time.

Well, boys, I know this trick. Get the food out of the pockets, I bet there’s some big holes in there so you can comfortably get your bumps.

They got a very red head and were gone.

So, I also had my fun.

Then nothing happened for another week.

On the weekend I did not want to fuck. I also had to do my paperwork.

On Monday in early then I should deliver my orders. My sales manager was not badly surprised. Nobody has made such a turnover for a long time, he praised me.

As a reward, I invite them to dinner next weekend. Actually, I didn’t want to, but you can refuse your sales manager something without getting into trouble. So I agreed.

Now back to the customers. The first on this day wanted only a kiss, the second wanted to test times whether my tits are real, the third wanted to look me under the skirt whether I have a panty on. Everything so harmless things. So it went the whole day. Until I arrived at the last customer for this day. Just a quick look through the shelf. Quickly another order and off to the hotel. If you think, you think, then everything comes differently.

The store manager, a dream of a man, invited me to dinner. He was so charming that I couldn’t say no.

He took me out very well. I would say upper middle class. Delicious food, 2 bottles of wine and we were both in a good mood.

Then the restaurant wanted to close and we both didn’t know what was going to happen.

Brave as I am, when I had a drink, I asked him if he would come with me to my hotel.

Sure, he replied, but hotels are always so sensitive. If I come along, it shouldn’t just be a kiss. Then I want to fuck too.

That’s what I like to hear, I said, you can come with me, my room is right in the corner and the neighboring rooms are all empty. So come on, I am already very hot.

We weren’t in the room yet, so we ripped our clothes off. No matter whether something went in rags or not. We were horny to hold no more.

As fast as this evening I have never had a ‘giant cock in my pussy. I was also probably never so horny. Was it the man or the champagne, who knows that so exactly.

He rammelte and pushed and pulled out his magnificent piece slowly again. Quite crazy he made me. I could only whine. Go on, don’t stop, push hard. He listened to me and pushed and pushed until I couldn’t do any more and cried out; I’m coming, it’s coming to me. Me too, he howled and I felt the landing in my hole.

Phew, we were tired of this fuck. But it should not be the last one.

First I had to go to the bathroom. He asked: “May I come with you, such a golden beam always turns me on.

I had only experienced this once or twice and was unsure whether I wanted it at all. Latte He looked at me with such begging eyes that I could not say no.

So we went to the bathroom, we didn’t have to undress, we were naked after all.

Hesitantly I sat down on the toilet lid and let my juice run.

What is he doing there, he takes his cock in his hand, holds the tip on my smooth pussy and pisses off.

I wanted to scream, you pig, because I noticed only how horny that was. The warm piss on the pussy, horny as it then ran down so. Quite horny I was again. Wanted to get up and back in / on the bed, but he did not let me. Come up, bend you over the sink I want now in your ass, he murmured.

So much I’ve fucked before, an ass fuck was not yet there. I always wanted to try it once, only the fear was always too big.

I told him that too. Oh what, I’m very careful, then you will notice how beautiful that is.

Now come bück you he whispered to me in the ear .

Of course I was now curious and also horny enough to try it out.

So I bent down, stretched my ass far back. There he was also already on it. Something of my cream on the thick and in my asshole and already he pushed his lout very slowly in my ass. At the moment it was not exactly pleasant. But then I was still hornier. Actually, that could not be at all, but with a tail in my ass was really so.

When he then injected his cum in the back hole, I also got an orgasm.

Caution he then pulled his somewhat flabby cock out of asshole, pushed me a little to the side to wash his lout.

I also wanted to wash myself, he said: Leave it so, it’s horny when a part of the juice runs out again.

Later I had to confess that this was even true.

We were not finished however still for a long time. We fucked ourselves in all holes, licked, sprayed us, licked it again. I don’t even know what was there anymore.

At some point we fell asleep after all. The next morning I woke up alone. I thought he was still in the bathroom. He wasn’t there either. You didn’t dream all this, I thought.

But since everything was sore, the cunt, the mouth, the tits and even the ass, it could not have been a dream. So I then had to get up sadly alone.

Such a greyhound, I thought only still, to fuck I’m good, but otherwise he hauls off.

On the table I found then a note.

He thanked for the wonderful night, he would not have fallen as asleep for a long time, but for breakfast I have to go home to wife and child.

No signature, nothing at all.

If this fucking hadn’t sat in my bones, I might have become angry. So I told myself, what the hell, who knows when you will experience something like that again.

But it shouldn’t take that long until something new came to me again.

It was Saturday and my superior invited me to dinner.

It was probably clear from the start that it wouldn’t stay with the food.

Again we drank wine and I became more and more relaxed. Soon we duzten ourselves, from the small friendship kiss became then quite long kisses. I could already feel his dick through my pants. Just like he could feel my nipples.

We were both horny without end. Only where to, oh, you take him with you to your home.

Already we were there. I just wondered why he carried such a big bag with him.

I was soon to find out. We took the clothes off. My tit warts looked boldly into the area. His tail stood like a one. Immediately I wanted to start and blow him one.

But he held me back, wait, close your eyes once.

What comes now I asked myself once again. There I felt how he bent my arms to the side, leave the eyes to murmur he. There I feel something cold on my wrists, it clicks and I should open my eyes.

And how I have ripped them open. He tied me to the bed and he still handcuffed me.

But that wasn’t all. He took two ropes out of his pocket and started to tie my feet with them.

Of course I defended myself, but how can that be done with tied hands with such a strong man.

I just wondered what you would do if you were raped, stay calm, bite your teeth together and meet the bad boy as far as possible. Then he won’t be so brutal and you won’t have so much pain.

That’s how I did it here.

He did not want to rape me at all, at least not immediately.

I hardly believed it, he pulled my legs further and further apart with his ropes. Shortly before the pain threshold he stopped pulling, tied the ropes tight and sat down in front of me. So he could look exactly into my hole. The longer he looked at it or purely, the bigger his tail became. Now he also began to jerk off. First slowly, then faster and faster until he screamed, yes, that’s good, you have such a horny pussy that I must inject directly.

Already it came to him. Everything landed on his stomach. What will that be again, were my thoughts.

He started to smear around in it and sucked and licked everything off his fingers.

Man, I am horny just because you have such a horny pussy. For hours I could look in there and jerk off again and again. Unfortunately I can only make it twice in a row, then I need a day break.

I don’t think so, get rid of me and I’ll show you how fast you can spray a 3rd or even 4th time.

I don’t believe that, he says, first I want to look for a while and watch how your pussy lips pulsate, if I have then once again wanked, you can try it once. A woman has never been willing to do that. They were all afraid of rape, but I’m quite harmless, I just want to watch.

Already he jerked off again and it took a little longer, but still fast.

In fact, he then untied me, at least his hands and legs so far that I could get to him to blow.

The before gigantic Lümmel, was now only as big as a cigar. I started to blow and lick. My tongue became faster and faster. It began to make me fun. Behold, the tail grew and grew until it splashed all at once without any warning. I couldn’t get away fast enough, so most of it landed in my mouth. Now you have gone so far that you can swallow the stuff.

The eyes he then made I will probably never forget again.

Also his moaning and his röcheln not, because I have not stopped, not before it came to him again.

Then he untied me very quickly, thanked me and said: “I will not forget that, you will also get a juicy reward for that and he was gone.

What came next? I got a decent pay rise.

He never tried to go out with me again.

Much later I heard that he got married and even had two children.

But I kept doing my rounds, fucked the market leaders and even the woman.

That went on for almost a year, until I met a lovely young man who I hoped would stay with me. So it came then also. Before we fucked the first time, I had to confess everything to him. Not because he wanted it, I didn’t want to burden my relationship or later marriage with a lie.

Mine was so diligent that I did not think at all about fucking strangers anymore.