A hot weekend in Berlin

Give bitcoind 12 - A hot weekend in BerlinBerlin – finally a long weekend in the capital. About one and a half years ago we were here for the last time. Now my wife and I have once again managed to treat ourselves to a few carefree days. Three overnight stays in a four-star hotel, centrally located because it is very cheap in the low season. A nice, bright room with all comforts, internet connection, large TV flat screen. What more could you ask for?
After the six-hour journey and a nice dinner we are only tired. The bed is comfortable, nice and wide, the mattress is not too soft. We just want to sleep and explore the city tomorrow. But sleep is out of the question. In the next room the TV is on, much too loudly. With a hotel of this category we would have expected thicker walls. “What are they looking at next door?” my wife asks me at some point. I had just dozed off. “I don’t know,” I mumble, but now I also notice strange noises. Loud moaning, quite violent.

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Berlin Girl
“Well, they’re probably pushing a number, I suppose. Then we speak again. I’m not sure: “Maybe they’re watching TV. Could also be. A porno or something.” “A porno?”, my wife is suddenly wide awake: “Can you watch porn here?” “It’s possible. Pay-TV is available in many hotels”, I answer.

My wife has already picked up the remote control. She’s zapping through the program. Moments later she found the program that also runs in the next room. It’s a porno. One who plays in a swingers club. Hearty, provocative, really dirty. Not only sperm flows in streams, but also golden shower – and plenty of it. “Is it really the case in such clubs?” my wife asks me. I have to laugh. “How should I know,” I answer, “I’ve never been there before.”
My wife keeps looking at the screen. Sound is not necessary, it comes from the next room. What is shown makes not only my wife, but also me powerful. I get stiff. With my right hand I reach under the blanket of my wife. She masturbates and breathes deeply. She rolls to her side. I know what that means. I should take her from behind. I slide easily into her. It is totally wet. We fuck on it and look at the horny couples in the swingers club on the screen. Man with woman, woman with woman, woman with several men, but also man with man. Nothing is left out. At some point a heavyweight elder pisses on the man below. First on the sprayed tail, then in the face. He seems to like it.

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My wife finds the whole scenery of the film enormously exciting. I can feel it: “Go on, hit him deep. Strong, don’t stop,” she asks me moaning. I bump into him, because I am totally horny now.
In the next room it has become quiet. Will the guests now listen to the noises in our room? Never mind. I squirt with a loud scream. My wife comes at the same moment.
We breathe heavily. “Geil”, my wife says. “I find such a swingers club exciting,” she adds. I’m amazed: “I’m sure it’s only possible in films to be so exuberant,” I reply.
“Which constellation would you have liked best,” I want to know. She laughs. “I don’t know. With a woman, that would already irritate me. But also with two or three men,” she adds and asks back: “And you? I have to think. The dainty one with the big breasts especially appealed to me in the film. She seemed so extremely filthy and unrestrained. And once with a man? I’m not sure. It would appeal to me already.
The answer is difficult for me. I am dog-tired. Quickly I fell asleep.
The next morning we take a shower, have a good breakfast and then go for a stroll through the city. Sometime on the way my wife asks me: “Are there such clubs in Berlin? At first I don’t understand what she wants. When she notices my questioning face, she adds: “Well, swingers clubs of course.” “There will certainly be them here. In such a big city it’s almost taken for granted,” I answer.
My wife won’t let up: “Let’s try it out. Nobody knows us here. Would be interesting.”

I’ve been married to her for more than 20 years, but that’s really a whole new train I don’t know. “Are you serious?” I want to know. Her spontaneous nod tells me that it is not meant as a joke.

When we return to the hotel in the early afternoon, I sit down at the laptop and googled to swingers clubs in Berlin. There are some. With my wife I take a look at some photos on the internet pages. The one that leaves the most frivolous and revealing impression is her favorite. I call there. It announces itself a man with sympathetic voice. I explain to him that we are in town for a weekend and are looking for some variety. He invites us for the evening, explains the way, asks us for a casual, erotic outfit and finally adds: “Brings a lot of pleasure with you”. There really shouldn’t be a lack of it.
Around 22 o’clock we leave, find the way immediately after the good description and ring the bell. A slim woman in her mid-forties opens us up, invites us in and explains everything we need to know. She leads us into a changing room, where we get rid of most of our wardrobe.
A little later we enter the bar, which is well filled. Different types greet us. Many couples, some single women, even men without female attachments. “Many are out and about in the different rooms,” explains a woman with long legs and small breasts who is no longer quite young but seems very erotic. She wears a tight-fitting latex body and high heels, which make her legs appear even longer. “Should I show you around a bit?” she asks. After a quick drink at the bar we follow her.
I examine her narrow ass. I like it. Not only him, the whole woman turns me on.
The first room we see is a big playground. At first glance I make up five to six women and four men. Their actions are accompanied by emotional moaning. Two young women in position 69 lick each other’s pussies. A fully slender blonde blows the man next to her the tail hard, while a man has gathered two women around him. A younger man with a big cock squats a little offside, observes the action and rubs his best piece. The air is charged.
We go on, already noticeably stimulated. In the next room men sit at a table and look over at us with glassy eyes. Only at the second look will we notice that four women are squatting under the table and blowing the guys a powerful blowjob. We laugh. “They also exchange stories under the table,” our long-legged guide tells us.
The next room is much smaller. Like a jerk-off cabin in porn cinemas, I think to myself. And this is exactly the kind of cabin the room is based on. To the left and right there is a hole in the wall. So-called Glory Holes. My wife has no idea what this is about. Our company is amused. “Why don’t you sit down on the chair? Maybe then you’ll understand what this is all about,” she recommends. My wife follows her suggestion, visibly curious. As soon as she has sat down, something happens to the left hole in the wall. A semi-rigid tail is pushed through the adjoining room. The rest of the man remains hidden. My wife laughs, grabs the lout and presses him tight. This quickly increases his size. Immediately afterwards a tail appears from the hole in the opposite wall. Significantly bigger and already much harder. “Wow,” my wife says. She lets go of the other dick and devotes herself with devotion to the newcomer.

I am aroused by the behaviour of my wife, who squats on the chair with her thighs open. Meanwhile I have a stiff one, too. Our female companion looks at him, but decides against him. She walks towards my wife, squats on the floor in front of her and starts licking her pussy. With one hand she grabs the masterless cock and gently pushes it.
I watch the whole thing visibly excited. So I don’t even notice that an older couple approaches and joins me. “Does one of them belong to you?” the man asks me and points his head into the small room. “Yes, that can be licked right now,” I answer. Without asking, the man grabs my tail and starts rubbing it. “What’s wrong?” he only asks afterwards. I just shake my head, unable to say anything. He perceives this as consent, goes down on his knees and begins to blow me one, his wife comes to my side, puts her hand on my ass and whispers in my ear: “He likes men too, I only like men”. She pushes a finger between my buttocks and penetrates my asshole with it. Almost inevitably I push my pelvis forward and my tail thus deeper into the mouth of her husband. If he continues to do so, then I spray the same, I think. The mouth of the woman approaches mine. She breathes heavily, visibly excited and pushes her tongue between my lips. We kiss full of greed. It doesn’t take long and I squirt. Right into her husband’s mouth. She looks down at him. “Yummy,” she asks. He nods instead of answering with a full mouth.
“Come on, I’ll clean up your best piece for you,” the woman pushes me into a cool-looking room at the end of the hall. She leaves her husband behind as well as my wife and her companion. They will probably not miss me.
“Squat on the tiles”, the woman orders me, who has probably already been through quite a bit in her life. Unexperienced and very fresh, at least she doesn’t seem to be. I follow her instructions. She stops in front of me, grabs her hairy pussy and pulls the labia apart. It doesn’t take five seconds and already a gush of golden yellow piss shoots out of it. Directly above my sticky, sperm-laden tail. I am shocked, but much more enthusiastic. “Just like last night in the movie, I think. But the man also swallowed his urine. I open my mouth, push out my tongue. She understands immediately, presses my head down and lets it go on. It’s awesome, no matter what others may think about it. I am immediately aroused again.

When the last drop has left her bladder, I want to get up. “No, now you’re licking me clean,” she shouts. She seems to be about to have an orgasm. And I want to get it for her. With a hard tongue I maltreat her clitoris, more and more intense, more and more powerful. She has to support herself on the wall with both hands as it comes over her. “Yes, yes… go on. Don’t stop,” she screams, then they leave their strength. She slowly slides to the floor and gasps heavily.
It takes a while, then we take a shower, soap each other up and clean ourselves. “I’ll keep looking. Let’s see what else there is here,” I say goodbye to her with a kiss. My tail is already standing again.
I go on the search for my wife. The small room with the two holes in the wall is orphaned. I continue along the corridor. My upright penis shows me the way. My wife and the long-legged companion have made themselves comfortable in the room with the large playground. Although the light is subdued, both are easy to see. My wife is lying on her back, her legs wide. A muscular middle-aged type squats above her and rhythmically pushes his tike into her. A young girl of at most 20 years, dainty in figure, pushes against her, caresses her bosom with her hands and kisses her sensitively on the mouth. Do the young girl and the man who works on my wife belong together? It is not to be recognized in such a way.
The one with the long legs who had led us through the rooms lies a little further to the right. When I last saw her, she had licked my wife’s cleft, but now she has a splendid lout between her lips that she blows. She squatted on her elbows and knees. Her butt is stretched upwards. A charming sight, I think. I crawl closer, grab her back and start to lick her. She only turns around briefly, sees who wants to spoil her, seems satisfied and continues to work the limb of the man lying in front of her. First I try her pussy. She is – as expected – wet. It tastes delicious, of lust and wild lust. Over time, my tongue moves on to her narrow buttocks. More precisely, to her rosette. I let the tongue circle, then I lead it into the narrow hole. She seems to like it. At least she interrupts her blowing activity for a moment to take a deep breath and present her ass a little closer to me. I continue to lick, even more intensively, even deeper, ever more powerfully.
When my tail threatens to burst, I sit up, grab my tail and push it into her back. It goes easier than expected. Maybe through the preparatory work with the tongue. We fuck like the dogs and increase the speed, up to ecstasy.
I look around and see what my wife is up to. The man who worked on her is just pulling his smeared lout out of her pussy. He has given everything. My wife does not seem satisfied nevertheless. She wants more. The young woman caresses her further, leads her hands from her breasts down between her thighs. First she pushes in two fingers, then one more, finally the whole hand. Is that possible? The hand seems small, but much bigger than a magnificent tail. My wife threatens to explode. She pushes her hips upwards, towards her hand. She is deeply immersed in the soaking wet grotto. The young woman’s half forearm has meanwhile disappeared into the hole. My wife’s cunt juice makes her arm shine golden in the light.
The pure lust grabs me. With five, six powerful jolts I chase my sperm in the tight ass of the woman. Then I pull him out. He smells a bit stern, but that doesn’t bother me. A fat older man, sitting a little off the mattress, comes closer, grabs his free butt and licks it out. Even the sperm that runs in drops heruas.
My wife has a never-ending orgasm. She screams, flaps her arms, throws her lower body upwards and trembles all over her body. Minutes later she collapses. Breathing heavily. Completely finished. The young woman pulls her arm out of her pussy, licks it off and kisses my wife. Then she gets up and disappears.
After a good quarter of an hour my wife is back to her strength. I help her up. We take a close shower, kiss each other deeply and are satisfied with the world. “You see’, she says, ‘sometimes reality is even more beautiful than a dream or a film. I cannot contradict it. The only question is: what else will this night offer us?