Hot end of a holiday trip

Give bitcoind 12 - Hot end of a holiday tripThis morning at 9 o’clock we started our return journey from our holiday in Southern France. Just now we crossed the border to Germany and we are still in the best mood. We, this is my wife Carmen and me, Roland. Carmen is 48 years old, five years younger than me. We have been married for more than 12 years now. For both of us it is our second marriage. Actually, I don’t want to go home after this fantastically beautiful vacation, because then the beautiful days are finally over. That’s why I’ve been thinking for a while about what else we could do on our way back to get at least a few more hours out.

At some point in the Black Forest an idea comes to me, “What do you think about it if we make a detour to our favourite thermal bath? This spa is a top-class wellness bath that describes itself as Germany’s most sensuous sauna bath. In addition to an outstanding modern sauna landscape, Carmen and I like the numerous smaller and larger pools in a breathtakingly beautiful ambience.

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Sex Adventure

 I know Carmen loves this place of well-being very much. And so it is no wonder that she immediately agrees. “Then we have to borrow the towels and bathrobes”, she admits, “but that shouldn’t be a problem”. Carmen puts her hand on my thigh and looks at me in love and full of anticipation.

After another half hour by car we finally made it, we stand at the cash desk and pay our entrance fees. After we have changed our clothes and stowed away our clothes, we decide to eat at the bar after the long drive. On this late summer day there is not much going on in the thermal bath. Walking through the rooms we only see a few bathers. And now, after so many hours in the car, I particularly enjoy being able to move naked and freely. But Carmen wears her bathrobe, which is only loosely closed with her belt. I can see her breasts from the side. My wife is about 1.65 m tall and has a very feminine figure, but she is not fat. I love her still quite tight breasts with the dark brown and not too big atria and the firm nipples very much.

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The skin tanned by the holiday sun forms a wonderful contrast to the white bathrobe. Carmen has not hidden my view of her breasts. Laughing, she gives me an elbow thrust and notices that I should rather get us two glasses of champagne than take them off with my eyes. So I trot towards the bar to place the order. The lady behind the bar is also only slightly dressed, as I can see when I order the two glasses of sparkling wine. Through the thin white T-shirt you can clearly see her nipples. Contrary to the regrettable current trend that women today almost without exception wear a bra in public, she confidently shows her free swinging tits. They are not as big and heavy as Carmen’s breasts, but I catch myself imagining myself touching these gorgeous boobs. In the best of moods I go back to my wife armed with the two glasses. She now sits at a half-height bistro table and watches me expectantly. She has crossed her legs so that the bathrobe opens and releases her thighs up to the buttocks.

“You really can’t help but look at all the women’s breasts first,” she scolds me with a wink. I look around guiltily in the bar room to see if anyone can listen to us. But apart from a distant guest who looks at us with interest, there is nobody to be seen. “You have to be very quiet,” I say to Carmen, “look at that guy over there. He’s staring blatantly at your bare legs and you’re not doing anything about it.” Inconspicuously Carmen turns her head to the lonely guest to look at him. But she quickly loses interest and says, “he is at least as old as I am. Don’t you have something younger for me? After a few sips I notice how the alcohol rises to my head. No wonder, I think, we haven’t eaten since this morning.

Carmen, on the other hand, seems to tolerate the champagne better. She has already drunk her glass empty and gets up to get two new glasses at the bar. “Did you see the girl behind the bar has no bra on? How do you like her breasts?” Carmen tries to lure me out of reserve when she comes back. I don’t say anything about it so as not to be called a voyeur again. But I notice that Carmen also seems to feel the alcohol. Anyway, her cheeks are already red and she seems to be in an exuberant mood.