Blind Greed – A Parisian nymphomaniac

Give bitcoind 12 - Blind Greed - A Parisian nymphomaniacTake me, my lips shaped silently. You had understood. You came to me. You opened your trousers. You looked at me with your demanding looks. I spread my thighs and lay on my back. With a jerk you were in me. The blood pulsated in my body. My clitoris twitched in joyful expectation. You bumped into me. While you were looking for your rhythm, you opened my red silk blouse. Slowly. Button by button. Your hands gently played around my buds. Fascinated I looked at your virtuoso finger play. Slowly you pulled it out. I saw your glans, shining from my juice, slowly approaching me.

Surely you would expect me to put it in my mouth now and spoil you with my warm, soft tongue. But no. Your slippery little head played around one of my buds. Did that well. It was so good that I could not hear the key turning in the lock of my apartment. When I opened my eyes, I saw through the curtain of my eyelashes that Toni was standing behind them with a pistol.

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 I gave a sharp scream. “Watch out! Toni! Like a flash you turned around. You knocked the gun out of Toni’s hand. At that moment a shot was fired. Needless to say, the property manager was not amused. Not to mention the police, who called a concerned neighbor in a hurry. I mean, they were used to a lot from me, but this apparently went too far.

The cops had nothing on us. Toni disappeared without Jay having to remind him that it would be better if he hurried off. Jay grabbed Toni’s pistol and also gave him heel money. Minutes later the cops rang my doorbell. I didn’t put on at least a kimono and greeted my visitors as I was, in my mini skirt and my sinful blouse, which was still open. “Madame”, the gendarme tapped his cap and tried to ignore my body. “Excuse me! May we please enter? A gunshot was supposedly fired from her apartment.” I played the innocent. “What? A shot? I’m alone and I don’t have a gun either.” “May we see for ourselves that everything is all right?” “Sure! I willingly stepped aside and let both of them enter.

What should I say? Half an hour later I was lying in the same position on the kitchen table as before, except that it was now one of the two policemen who was dealing with his, er…. I had a problem with the ‘baton’ between my thighs, while his colleague devotedly took care of my breasts. I laboriously suppressed a moan. What else should the neighbours think? Thank God the second gendarme put two fingers in my mouth, which made my moaning inaudible. The first one was almost ready. His blows became faster and more violent. His breath gasped. The other had meanwhile opened his trousers. I let his penis slide between my wet lips. The first one came long and hard.

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Then he pulled his dripping tail from my pulsating grotto. The two changed the positions. While the second fucked me in short, fast pushes, the first worked on my nipples that I hearing and seeing passed. He pulled them long and twirled them back and forth. In between he kneaded both breasts, let them rotate and wiggle back and forth. This sight alone could have given me a juicy orgasm. Shortly before the second came, I was also so far. I reared up and came in long, violent waves. Dazed we three dressed. There was no question of a weapon any more. The two said goodbye and wished me a pleasant day.

Well, guys, I don’t mean to say I experience this every day, but I admit it happens to me more often. Anyone who gets involved with me should not be jealous or possessive. But I introduce myself first. My name is Claudette. I live in Paris in the third arrondissement. I missed Jay. Although the two policemen had comforted me a little about his premature departure, but unfortunately he had disappeared since the incident with Toni and the gun. Sadly I roamed along the Seine and watched the ships. I thought of Rasul. I owed him my apartment. I told the story of how it came to this in “Seduced 12”. The fact was that the juice in my loins slowly overcooked when I couldn’t finally satisfy my greed. I was who I was. Should I be ashamed of it? I think, no.

Everyone has a right to shape his life the way he likes. Or not? I just like men. Yes, I like to fuck and not only with one. By the way: Women are not bad either. I have my experiences there so.

At that time I lived with Pierre, the sous-chef from La Marianne, a noble Parisian restaurant. We rarely slept together. Basically, we had been more like brothers and sisters for quite some time. Pierre could hardly get it up, probably because of all the stress at work. Sometimes he licked my pussy. He did that very devotedly. Every time I flowed away without end. Then he came up with the idea of filling my pussy juice and mixing it with the food for his guests. What should I say about that… In any case not a single one complained. Yes, that’s how it was then.

Then this unspeakable sex scandal happened to me. Then my likeness of the title of all the revolver papers was resplendent and I fled Paris head over heels. At that time I only dared to go out on the street with a burka. I took the next best flight and promptly landed in Marrakesh. There I met Rasul Ibn Hadhid. Unfortunately, the beautiful sheik rarely visits me in the apartment he financed. So I have a lot of time to trigger new sex scandals. Well, this time it had turned out very well. But I missed Jay. I was thinking about when I first met him.

Jay suddenly stood in front of me as I was sadly sneaking down the Seine, just like now. I did that sometimes, those phases of sadness. He just smiled at me. Disgruntled I looked up at him. “I know exactly what you need now. I didn’t say anything, just looked sadly at me. “Yes. I saw it in your eyes. You need a fuck.” So much openness disarmed me. Besides, he was probably right. I laughed up. “Let me guess. You would release me from my misery.” “Voila. Why not? Always at your service. Sorry! Allow me? Jay.” He reached out his hand to me. “Claudette!” I walked on. Jay trotted unflinchingly beside me. I didn’t say anything, just followed my dull thoughts. But I let him put his arm around me after a while. That did me some good. Yes, I felt comfortable in his care. I snuggled a little closer to him. He had a beautiful, muscular body. We had been running for a while and slowly the colour of the sky turned into a deep blue.

I love that. The blue hour. “What is it, Claudette? Should I redeem you? Or do you want something to eat? Are you hungry? I know an excellent restaurant, right here in the neighbourhood.” “Yes’, I said briefly. “What, yes? The food or the salvation?” “Eat first.” I followed him up the stairs and later through a few alleys. “Voila. Here we are.” I sat down. The Garcon brought two cards. “Hello Jay!” He actually greeted him with a handshake. Later we ate mussels in white wine sauce. The Chablis with it tasted excellent. He warmed my loins and sparked my libido. “I think, my dear Jay, now I would be ready for salvation.” In his apartment we didn’t stay long with talking. Without digression he opened my blouse, uncovered the delicious buds and began to suck on them with devotion. The juice just shot out of me. His fingers skilfully played around my clitoris and plucked my rose petals.

He lifted me up and carried me to bed. Then he opened his trousers, let them slide to the ground and freed his phallus from his dungeon. I swear I have never seen a more beautiful specimen. He was circumcised and his head was beautifully shaped. I began to suck on it with devotion. He moaned. I was about to increase the intensity, but he stopped me. “Claudette! Wait! Not so fast! I owe you an orgasm first!” He stripped off his shirt and I saw his muscular, slightly hairy chest. Quickly I got rid of the rest of my clothes. “Come sit on me!” So we waved against each other, the thighs spread and the upper bodies pressed against each other. I felt his tail deep inside me. My clitoris rubbed against his pelvis. That gave me additional pleasure. “I want to lick you until you come,” he gasped excitedly. But I could not stop moving my pelvis rhythmically back and forth. I was in complete ecstasy. My orgasm approached faster and faster. Then she came, my salvation. I felt his tail firing his charge into my convulsions. Later we lay exhausted next to each other.

That’s how it was then. That’s how our first encounter went. At first we met regularly, but then I lost interest. A while later, after this unspeakable sex scandal that put me on the front pages of all French revolver magazines, I had to leave Paris and landed in Marrakech, where I got caught in Sheikh Rasul Ibn Hadhid’s catch.

Not half a year after I was back in Paris, I contacted Jay again. Unfortunately also to Toni, which turned out to be a mistake. If only I hadn’t given Toni the key to my apartment! This I had now from my blind greed. Claudette says au revoir from the city of shoots.