How to celebrate a birthday

Give bitcoind 12 - How to celebrate a birthdayI had lost a harmless bet to my sex boyfriend Tom. Therefore he was allowed to wish every birthday present that he wanted. He knew immediately what he wanted and it didn’t surprise me that his wish had anything to do with sex. I had to be at his disposal all day long on his birthday and spoil him with a blowjob any time he wanted. No matter when and where it was.

I knew that Tom liked unusual things and sex in public. That’s why I liked the idea so much and was secretly looking forward to it.
On his birthday I got up early, shaved in the shower, put on makeup and put on sexy clothes: a red mini, a white top with a deep neckline and underneath a black push-up and a black lace string. That Tom’s favourite underwear was Tom’s was, of course, pure coincidence.

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Sexy Birthday Girl

At 8 o’clock I was already on my way to Tom’s apartment. Actually, I’m not a morning person at all, but what is there to do for sex and a good sex friend. 20 minutes later I arrived at his apartment. I rang the bell and not 5 seconds later Tom opened the door. He seemed to have expected me and grinned at me. “Good morning, sweetheart. I’m glad you dare to fulfill my wish.” “Of course,” I replied. “I have to take care of the birthday boy.” I entered and gave him a kiss on the cheek: “Happy Birthday! I also made myself pretty especially for you.”

Tom seemed already in a good mood and full of expectation. “You know that wasn’t your last kiss today. But probably the last one on my cheek,” he said cheekily. I winked at him with a sexy look, but didn’t answer. The day already started well… “I was already so looking forward to today and so I haven’t touched myself for a week. If you know what I mean. I wanted to save everything for you,” Tom added. “Your joy is hardly to be overlooked”, I alluded to his already slightly bulged trousers. So the short banter had already made him horny.

“Well then. Let’s not let the chance go by! You like that, my little bitch” he whispered to me as I passed him and went on to his apartment. I didn’t react immediately and he grabbed me by the arm. “Do you want to honour your betting debts well or are you now pinching? He grinned at me and pulled me down by my arm. “We’ll get started right away,” came his command. I knelt on the ground before him. Since he only wore a short, I quickly pulled her down. He didn’t have any underpants underneath and his slightly stiff tail jumped towards me immediately. His tail was a beautiful sight. Shaved as usual, not too small, not too big. And he knew how to deal with it.

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I opened my mouth and started immediately. This time I renounced the slow start. I took him in my mouth and sucked on his glans. Tom seemed a bit surprised. Normally I take more time to pamper his penis. He moaned immediately. I looked up at him and winked at him. I knew how much he loved that sight and his cock immediately became hard. I played with my tongue on his glans and began to knead his balls with one hand. Tom was already moaning louder. His abstinence from sex was obvious. I wanted to save my special techniques for later and used my second hand instead.

I released his half-sleep penis from my mouth, licked it again and gave him a kiss on his glans. I picked up the sperm drops on my chin with my fingers and licked them off with relish as I looked deep into Tom’s eyes. I could clearly see his satisfaction. “Ooh yes, that was awesome…” he whispered, “the day can only be good.”

Tom pulled up his trousers again and made his way into the living room. I got up and followed him. “So, what’s your plan for today?” I asked him. “Do you want to stay here all day and enjoy? “No, no. I already have something better to do. You’ll find out,” Tom replied. “And now make yourself comfortable for now. I sat down on his couch while Tom briefly disappeared in the bathroom. When he came back, he said: “I didn’t have any breakfast today. We two pretty ones are going to have a brunch and have a good time. So above all, I’m going to have a good time.” Tom winked at me.

“But before we go, you have something to do.” While Tom said that, he already opened his jeans, which he had put on before. I looked at him in surprise. Was he horny again? The question was answered immediately: Yes, it was him. I pulled his jeans down. He wore no underpants underneath and his tail jumped towards me again. This time he wasn’t quite hard yet, but that wouldn’t take long.

I licked his tail – from the glans to his eggs. Then in the other direction. I repeated this several times, then sucked his eggs until I took his glans in my mouth. Tom audibly sucked in the air. He seemed to like it again. My tongue played and caressed his glans. Slowly I let his penis slide deeper into my mouth. Very slowly. I took an extra lot of time and looked Tom in the eyes. I could see the lust in his eyes. “Faster”, he whispered to me, grabbed me at the back of the head and pressed me to himself. His tail slid deep into my mouth until he was all inside me. I looked further into Tom’s eyes, which seemed to drive him crazy.

I briefly kept his penis all the way in my mouth and then released him again. Tom moaned and I decided to pick up a faster pace. I immediately put him back in my mouth and moved my head up and down. At the same time I jerked him with my hand. Tom moaned already louder. I moved my head faster and faster.

Suddenly his mobile phone rang. Tom looked at the table and said: “Hmm. That’s my mother. She certainly wants to congratulate me on my birthday. I have to take off”, reached for the mobile phone and took off. I didn’t let him stop me from caressing his cock. Tom looked at me a little irritated as he greeted his mother and accepted the congratulations. I knew that Tom was into fancy sex. I sucked on his glans and watched him closely. He hardly let on anything. In his face, however, I could see his lust. My tongue played around his glans while I jerked him further. I gave everything, wanted to bring him as fast as possible to orgasm.

“Yes mother, I am well…”, Tom pressed out a little strained. “And how well you are”, I thought. “No, I don’t know yet what I’m doing today…” Tom lied to his mother. “Maybe something with friends. Now was the right time to make Tom lose his mind. I let my tongue play wild and unpacked all my special techniques, which brought the desired success. Tom had to groan while he was still on the phone. He was dizzying something about his little toe and table, but didn’t seem to know exactly what to say anymore. I continued to suck wildly on his glans and felt his tail already twitching. The first drops landed on my tongue. Tom still hadn’t got rid of his mother.

My hand wanked his cock further, his glans remained in my mouth and then he came. Tom had to hold back his moaning as he squirted and squirted into my mouth. I sucked again, left his cock in my mouth and this time managed to swallow everything. Tom was slumped on the couch, his cell phone still on his ear. He remained lying there until the phone call was finally over. After that he didn’t say anything for a while, but just looked at me. “You little bitch,” he mumbled quietly.

After a few minutes Tom got dressed again and we made our way to a restaurant. It was close by and Tom had reserved a table for the two of us. We enjoyed a big breakfast with lots of fruits, bread, eggs and coffee. After we had already eaten and talked for an hour, Tom wanted more. “I now go to the men’s toilet. If nobody looks, you follow me inconspicuously. Then it goes on. He got up and left. Our table was not far from the toilet and hardly any guests looked in our direction. I waited briefly until there were no waiters nearby and then crept to the toilet as well. I looked around again. Nobody looked at me and I pressed the door open. Tom stood in front of me, opened the door to a cabin and pulled me in.

Tom followed me and closed the door behind him. He immediately pushed me to the floor and I knelt in front of him. Tom didn’t seem to want to lose any time. “I’m damn keen on your horny mouth again,” he whispered to me as he opened his pants and dropped them to the floor. I licked again over his cock, which slowly straightened up. After I had pampered him for a moment, he stood hard against me again.

As soon as he was very hard, Tom grabbed my head and pressed me firmly against him. His tail disappeared deep into my mouth. Tom pushed me even closer to himself until I had his whole penis in my mouth. My lips were pressed against him and his tail stood at my throat. I was surprised because it went so fast and tried to solve me again from him. But Tom was stronger and held my head still briefly. Then he finally let him go again. I gasped for air, but Tom left me no time to relax and pressed me back to himself. This time he left his tail even longer in me.

Tom held my head. I couldn’t move him back and forth. Slowly he started to fuck my mouth. His penis moved slowly forwards and backwards, but quickly became faster. His firm grip left me no way to move and I was completely at his mercy. Since I knew that I could trust Tom, I liked this situation and Tom knew that too. He got faster and pushed his penis deeper into my mouth. Again and again he pushed at the back of my throat, which he liked very much. I continued to kneel defenseless before him and let him fuck my mouth.

He got faster and faster and pushed harder and harder. I tried to open my mouth as wide as possible. His firm blows almost made us cry, my eyes watered. I already ruffled as Tom hit my throat hard. When he let him stick it deep into me, I had to fight against the choking and my first tears came. Tom liked the situation. He let me take a breath and then put him deep into my throat again. I gave everything to suppress my gag reflex and ruffled strongly. Tom pulled his tail out of my mouth again. He was covered by my saliva, which Tom wiped in my face.

Tom got really horny. I noticed that his next orgasm soon waited. He held my head tight and fucked me now quickly. Not so deep anymore, but fast. He apparently wanted to come and it did not take long until he pumped his sperm into me. This time it was a smaller load. The first times seemed to be noticeable. His tail twitched as he pumped his sperm out. I left his juice on my tongue and opened my mouth so Tom could see it. I saw him in the eyes, played something with his sperm and then swallowed it. “Horny bitch”, he whispered to me and pulled his pants back on.

We crept out of the toilet, paid the bill and left the restaurant. We spent the next few hours in the city. We were shopping, eating ice cream, drinking coffee,… I was wondering when Tom would want the next blowjob, as some time had passed when he suddenly dragged me into a changing room in a clothes shop. I knew immediately what he wanted and opened his trousers. It was a very busy business and I was afraid that someone would come in, but it also made me a little horny. Therefore I blew him as skillfully as possible and spoiled him with all tricks. It didn’t take long until Tom came back and filled my mouth with his sperm.

His next wish was a blowjob in a multi-storey car park, after Tom had a drink with friends and I was shopping alone. Hidden behind a big car I fulfilled this wish with my mouth and sucked it empty.

It was already evening when Tom and I went to the cinema. Tom had already bought tickets, we got popcorn and cola and then went into the hall. By chance Tom had bought tickets for the last row and I already knew what that meant. The movie started, nobody else was sitting in our row. The next ones were a row in front of us and some places next to us. I saw in my corner of my eye how Tom opened his pants and then grinned at me. Quietly I leaned over to him and licked his already freed tail until it got hard. One last time on this day I made his best piece happy and gave it everything. From Deep Throat to crawling over eggs and licking acorns I used everything. Always with the fear that someone could see us. We both tried to be as quiet as possible, which was a lot harder for Tom than for me. Especially when he was about to hose down. I played around his glans with my tongue, his tail was already twitching and Tom was holding tight in his chair not to moan loudly. The other moviegoers didn’t seem to notice us. I sucked on Tom’s cock until he splashed one last time and filled my mouth. Exhausted Tom sank into his armchair.

We watched the film ready. Afterwards Tom was called by friends at short notice and invited to celebrate. With a kiss he said goodbye to me. “We can repeat that with pleasure. It was a lot of fun for me.” “I don’t think we’ll do it again. Although… It was fun for me too”, I answered and winked at him.

I went home. The only thing I still missed was to be allowed to come myself. My lust was too great. I took my mobile phone out of my pocket and called another sex friend. He had time and was with me half an hour later. I lost no time, threw him on my bed and took off my clothes. He was allowed to lick me extensively until I finally had my orgasm and screamed him out loud. Then he fucked me several times, until we both came a few times and exhausted fell asleep.