Truth or Duty – A Harmless Party Game?

Give bitcoind 12 - Truth or Duty - A Harmless Party Game?“You sure you don’t want to come?” I asked my friend Wibke, “you could use a break.” Of course I had a good talk, I had already finished my master thesis last semester, while my girlfriend was in the final state of stress two weeks before the deadline. On the other hand, this weekend was supposed to be our quarterly meeting with our friends. A few years ago we had met with four other friendly couples and have been meeting regularly ever since. We were all in our mid- and late twenties, got along great and always had a lot of fun. Besides, I didn’t want to go alone.

“No, honey, that really doesn’t work,” she said regretfully. “I know we’ve always been together, but I really need the time.” I still hesitated. “And you should also go for Isa, she’d definitely be happy if you’d come.” Isabella’s friend Felix had left her for another one some time ago. She had quite taken that with her, but now she wanted to let it crack again and had invited us to her.

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Laura the slut

“Well, if you think so,” I gave in resignedly, “then I’ll just go. But without you it’ll be boring.”

“Well, I knew you were a good guy,” she laughed and said goodbye with a kiss. “And you will have fun,” she added with a played admonition, “that is an order! So I made my way to Isa, who greeted me stormy when she opened the door for me.

“Hi, it’s great you’re here,” she said as she held me in her arms and pressed a big smack on my cheek. “Wibke called to say she couldn’t – it’s nice you’re here anyway.”

“Wow, you look great,” I said appreciatively as I looked at her. Her raven-black mane was shoulder-length and her insanely sporty figure was stuck in tight white hot pants and a turquoise strappy top. Her long legs were perfectly tanned and her small, firm tits were tamed by a bra – a black bra, as I could tell from the straps. “You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”

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“Come on,” she made a throw-away gesture, “I must have put on weight.”

“Funny, you look as if you recently lost 80 completely superfluous kilos,” I said with a grin.

“You’re a real treasure, thank you,” she said giggling and gave me a fleeting but very tender kiss on the lips. “Have you heard from Felix?”

“Not a word,” I returned with a shrug, “but as soon as this little bitch sends him into the mushrooms, I’ll tell you immediately.”

“Great,” she laughed. “Go on, join the others, I’ll get you another drink.” I went into the living room where I found Gaby, Laura and Ramona, but none of the boys. The three greeted me loudly and stood up from their Proseccos to give hugs and kisses. The mood seemed to me already to be splendid.

“Where’s Fred?” I asked Gaby as she pressed on me. I felt her slim body through her thin red mini dress. Her bra with the estimated cup size B also had black straps. She wore fine black stockings and her blond hair tied back to a ponytail.

“Hell of a cold,” she said shrugging her shoulders.

“Then it’s good that you give me a little kiss,” I said with a pretended indignation.

“Don’t worry,” she said smiling, “he actually has the cold from me, but I haven’t been contagious for a long time. So you can kiss me as long as you want,” she added giggling, “or whatever you want to do with me. Judging by the laughter of the girls, they were really in the best of moods.

Laura was next in line. She was quite shy, naturally blonde and had a sweet snub nose on her face, which evil tongues have sometimes called “dolly”. However, I found that she looked quite similar to Anna Kournikova, which I thought was mighty sharp. Her figure wasn’t quite as sporty, but by no means as pudgy as she herself sometimes thought. Her thighs, which she thought were fat, were particularly annoying. In fact, they were only as curvy as they should be with a real woman, and since I had once credibly assured her of that, she liked me even more. She pressed me left and right two thick Schmatzer on the cheeks.

“What about Tom?” I asked as I looked at her thin white blouse with the translucent white bra under it and especially her tight red hipsters.

“Had to go to his parents – help building the house again”, that was an apparently endless story and accordingly annoyed she rolled her eyes.

Ramona looked up at me grinning and with her eyebrows raised as I asked her what Rolf’s excuse was. She took me in her arms laughing and just said, “Business trip – again.” That happened a lot, but he deserved what Ramona was happy to accept. The two had a great house and they were doing pretty well. Ramona was quite small, but had a really crisp figure. Her long black mane fell on her back and into her lush cleavage. She had really impressive breasts and also liked to present them today in a perfectly fitting black sleeveless lace top. She also wore a white mini skirt, which would have fitted well on a tennis court, but of course it looked great on her.

So I prepared myself to spend the evening as a cock in a basket with four damn good-looking women, without my girlfriend being there. Isa brought more to drink and we thought about what we wanted to do. Isa suggested truth or duty, which we had already played several times and which had always been extremely funny – and also always quite slippery. So far we had stopped kissing, stroking and taking off our underwear. Apparently the girls wanted to go further this time. Apparently Isa, at that time still with Felix’ support, who was always available for such messes, had put together new questions and obligatory tasks, which started somewhat harmlessly, but became more and more spoiled. I looked around and noticed that everyone was looking at me expectantly.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” I asked doubtfully, “after all, I’m the only man here – if the others notice, Wibke and your boys will queue to kill me.”

“Oh come on,” Ramona said, “we’ve played this a lot.”

“Well, maybe not always so revealing,” Laura said.

“Well, we wouldn’t have to go into all the details of tonight,” said Gaby, tuning in to the laughter of the girls. All right, I thought, I’ll probably go to hell anyway, I can go down with waving flags – and tune in to the laughter. Another round of Prosecco for the ladies and a beer for me dispelled the last doubts and soon we found ourselves with felt twenty pillows in a circle on the floor. Isa grabbed the first bottle of beer I had taught, turned it on the parquet floor and when she had turned it out, she promptly pointed to me.

“Truth’, I said immediately. Isa took the first card and giggled as she read it.

“Have you ever had group sex?”

“No,” I said regretfully.

“But you’d love to, wouldn’t you?” Gaby threw in laughing. That starts well, I thought, when we all almost rolled onto the floor laughing. I took over the bottle that pointed to Ramona. She also preferred truth and Isa read the next question. “Did you ever have a sex fantasy with a boy from the group when you satisfied yourself? If so, describe it.

“Yes,” Ramona said slowly and enjoyably, looking deep into my eyes under the cheering of the others. “We have one of these posh huts in the Maldives. Palm trees, a dream beach and a ten square metre bed with silk sheets and pillows. You wake me up in the morning by licking my pussy and driving me crazy.” She got an almost dreamy expression on her face and the others seemed to like it too, they listened to Ramona at least spellbound. “And when I can’t stand it anymore, when I beg you to fuck me, then you attack me, ram me unrestrained and let you go completely. Until you come deep inside me and cum into my gigantic orgasm.”

“Wow”, Isa said dreamily and then looked at me mischievously. “I’m really sorry for you, but now you’re also my wanker.” While the others laughed, Ramona turned the bottle, which immediately pointed at her again.

“Well then duty”, she said immediately.

“Interesting”, commented Isa and grinned when she had taken the next card. “Put a boy’s hand in his pants and leave it there for five minutes.”

“Ramona asked, as she sat next to me.

“So if you have to ask that,” Laura said with an innocent smile.

“You’re right,” Gaby said and looked at her approvingly. “And everyone says you’re so shy.” And, of course, Ramona grabbed me in the front of her trousers and also reached right into my panties. As soon as her tender fingers lay on my cock, he pumped himself up slowly and she snuggled up to me.

I asked her smiling “Maldives?”.

“Yes,” she breathed quietly into my ear, “and you get it for me every morning!” While Isa started the timer on her smartphone, Ramona turned the bottle with her free hand. This time it was Gaby’s turn to choose the “truth”.

“Are you into dirty talk?” read Isa. “If so, what makes you special?

“But sure,” Gaby returned immediately, “I like “dirty bitch” or “smelly cunt” best. And when a guy pushes his thick belt into my tight, wet pussy, I feel really good”.

“A connoisseur, no doubt,” said Isa laughing. Then the bottle pointed at her, she chose “duty” and read the task herself.

“Pull your top and bra down or up and show your breasts for the next three rounds.” I watched spellbound as she pulled the straps top and bra down and presented her really gorgeous firm tits.

“He likes that”, Ramona reported laughing as my cock continued to stiffen in her hand. As soon as the following laugh had died down, it was Laura’s turn and she also wanted “duty”.

“He’ll like that too, I guess,” said Isa smiling. “Put on a skirt/dress/long T-shirt and take off your panties and play the next three rounds bottomless! We cheered appreciatively and expectantly. “I can lend you a skirt”, Isa Laura offered.

“No way,” she replied lightly, “I think the blouse is long enough.”

“Who said she was shy?” Gaby asked the group with a laugh, while Laura got rid of her tight hip pants. Then she reached under her really long blouse and pulled down her panties, out of which she rose remarkably elegantly and then sat down again. Unfortunately we didn’t see anything of her pussy, but the fact that she was only sitting in front of us dressed in a bra and blouse really turned me on. Then Ramona had to take her hand out of my trousers with obvious regret. After the next shooting it was Laura’s turn again and she chose “duty” again.

“Give a boy from the group a tongue kiss for 30 seconds,” read Isa. We stood up with another shout and took each other in the middle of the circle in the arm. Immediately Laura snuggled up to me and we kissed intimately. I pressed my tongue into her mouth and our tongues danced around each other while we stroked each other. The girls cheered and clapped until Isa gave the signal that the 30 seconds were over. We kissed on, of course. “Hey,” Isa said then, “Time around, you can stop.” Laura and I looked at each other.

“She said we can stop,” I said smiling, “not that we have to.” Laura giggled and kissed me again. The cheering continued until we could finally keep our fingers – and tongues – off each other and sit down again. Next it was my turn and I chose “truth”.

“Huhu”, made Isa and clicked his tongue. “Have you ever had sex with a girl from the group?” Since Wibke wasn’t there, the girls probably thought they knew the answer and were accordingly surprised and looked at me with open mouths when I said yes.

“What?” Gaby asked unbelievingly, “you fucked one of us? Who did?”

“That wasn’t the question, was it?” I just meant conspiratorial. “You wouldn’t want me to talk about it either, would you?”

“Then at least tell us when and where,” Isa swore to me.

“Actually at one of our parties,” I returned with a smile. “In the bathroom. More precisely, in your bathroom, Ramona.

“I can’t believe it,” Ramona grinned in disbelief, “you fucked in my bathroom while we were drinking in the living room?

“Well”, I explained, “we hadn’t drunk so much and both had trouble with our partners and so…”

“…did you really get it for her, didn’t you?” Gaby asked not without recognition in her voice.

“At least I hope so,” I said. “I mean, it was great for me, but I can’t judge how it was for her…”

“What do you think? we suddenly heard a soft voice and everyone turned to Laura with increasing bewilderment, who they had always thought was reserved and shy. But now she actually turned red. “Didn’t you notice how violently I came? Do you think I could have played something like that for you? She gave me such a sweet look that I realized that she had enjoyed our little adventure as much as I had.

“Details! Details” Ramona shouted and the others joined in loudly.

“Well”, I resigned, “Laura was wearing these high heeled boots, black stockings and her grey mini dress. She had trouble with Tom, I with Wibke and when I wanted to go to the toilet, she just came out, we were talking and…”

“And you couldn’t control yourself,” said Isa knowing. “You guys are all the same. As soon as a woman puts on boots and stockings, you can’t hold back any longer.”

“Look at Isa, I didn’t want to control myself,” I returned with a smile. “But don’t worry’, I added without thinking, ‘you’re all damn hot. I would take any of you – with or without boots.”

“I’d like to hope so,” laughed Gaby, “but first I want to know exactly how you got Laura to do it.”

“He took me from behind,” said Laura, almost dreamy, “he grabbed me, pushed up my dress, pulled my panties aside and put his belt and my pussy. Oh damn, that was awesome…”

“Now go on,” I said, turning the bottle that pointed to Gaby. She wanted “duty” and was given the task of sitting on the lap of a young boy in the round and playing an orgasm. I quickly got a chair and sat down expectantly. Gaby came up to me with swaying steps, rubbed her stockings and pushed her dress up and down. While she rose elegantly and broad-legged over me, I could see the hem of her stockings. She sat down on me and rubbed her lap on my cock, which immediately became hard again. She purred with relish and swayed her hips back and forth. She closed her eyes and threw her head slowly back and forth. She loosened her ponytail and wuzzled through her hair as she pretended to ride me. I felt her hot pussy through her panties and pants as she increased the pace and breathed harder. She started panting quietly and pressed her upper body against me so that I could feel her breasts. She made a performance that would have turned Meg Ryan green with envy. The girls were visibly impressed and I was more than just impressed. For my taste much too early she wheezed out a violent orgasm and to the applause of the others she finally sat back on the floor.

Next it was my turn and I also decided on “duty”. Isa gave me the order to undress the girl sitting to my left – that would be Ramona. “You can undress her as much as you want, but you only have 45 seconds. And you can only use one hand.” Under the cheering cries of the girls Ramona and I stood up and Isa started the time. I quickly pushed Ramona’s black top up alternately left and right until I finally got it over her head and arms. I immediately reached behind her back, her middle finger under the clasp, the clasp between her index finger and thumb snapped open and her bra was open. Under Ramona’s appreciative smile I literally pulled her bra down. Without being able to look after her beautiful breasts, I searched and found the zipper on her mini skirt, opened it and quickly pushed it down her legs. To take turns left and right in her string and pull it down was just a formality.

“Wow,” said Isa, pretty stunned when Ramona had fully climbed out of her skirt and panties, “39 seconds, not bad.” I gave Ramona a quick but greedy kiss and we sat down again. Next was Isa, whose duty was to perform her favourite position with a boy of her choice for three minutes, both dressed only in underwear. Isa grinned at me and we stood up and undressed, black lace underwear for her and tight black shorts for me. She muttered into my ear, “Breech loader,” before laying down on the floor with her belly up, spreading her legs, stretching her ass up and looking over my shoulder expectantly. I lay down on her and supported myself next to her. I pressed my hip on her ass and rubbed demanding up and down. She moaned horny, no doubt she could feel my hard cock through panties and panties. I moved faster and pressed them harder on the floor. The girls began to yell and cheered us on. I reached into her short black hair and she bent her head back willingly.

“Should I fuck you, baby?” I puffed.

“Yes, fuck me hard”, she japste, “fuck me and splash me full”!

“Oh yeah, damn it, I want to fuck you!” Then the three minutes were unfortunately already over and we sat back on our seats. Isa and I looked at each other smiling as she turned the bottle, which promptly pointed to me again. “Duty”, I just said and Isa read the next task with a grin.

“Hm, a special task. You have to undress and let us satisfy you with hand and mouth.” The girls were cheering and wanted to throw themselves at me. “Sounds not particularly heavy”, I said grinning and got already times a chair. “That’s not all. We must not let you come. We take turns and are allowed to keep you sharp until you can’t stand it any longer.”

“And how do we know that?” Ramona asked.

“If he insulted us and meant it seriously,” Laura said with a grin. She seemed to be looking forward to it.

“So that it won’t be so easy for him, we can take off our clothes to stimulate him even more,” Isa added. The girls seemed to like that and took off their last clothes with loud cheers. Gaby directed me to the chair and Laura immediately took off my panties. Immediately my hard cock jumped up and the girls went to work and took turns every few minutes. Laura knelt between my legs and immediately dedicated herself to my beating, while Gaby and Ramona held on to my arms so that I could not “accidentally” lay hand on myself. Isa waited for her turn and watched Laura attentively. She looked me deeply in the eyes while she jerked my belt with a firm hand. She changed the speed, then again she licked off my shaft lengthwise, then she stuck my bulging acorn in her mouth and sucked it hard. She made her thing really good and I was always hornier. The others, however, were just as good and with every change my excitement grew. I breathed more heavily and the girls grazed themselves visibly at the fact that I yearned increasingly for salvation.

“Oh ladies, you are horny,” I puffed.

“Wait a minute, that was nothing yet,” Laura breathed almost viciously into my ear when it was her turn to hold back my hands. Ramona was just about to get into my dick and as it turned out she was a master at bringing me to just before cum and then letting me fidget.

“Damn, let me come, please,’ I moaned as she drove me to just before the explosion for the third time in a row.

“No chance, sweetheart,” she purred as she swapped places with Gaby. To my regret, she did her job outstandingly and slowly smoke came out of my ears.

“My face, my balls are boiling,” I moaned as my abdomen contracted again. Now it was really time, but my tormentors didn’t have enough. They drove me further and further and hunted themselves up by the fact that I became more and more wild. “You sluts! Let me finally come now,” I tried, “Well, it’s getting slow,” Isa said, but still took my cock in my mouth again and sucked hard until I came down again so far that she could torment me further. So it went on until I couldn’t bear it any longer. “Careful”, I said to Laura, when she had my beating in her mouth again, “I’m under so much pressure, when I come now I’ll blow your head off! She gave a mumbled laugh, but continued. “Oh, you dirty cunts,” I finally puffed, “get it for me now, you fucking bitches!”

“Not bad,” Gaby said appreciatively, “I think we got him.” They let me come down slowly, until I didn’t feel the urge anymore to dodge one immediately and looked at Isa questioningly.

“And now the finale,” she said with a grin. “We now choose the winner. You can fuck every one of us in a row, one minute at a time. If you can do two complete rounds without coming, you’ve won and you can choose who you want to fuck.”

“And how do we win?” Laura asked.

“We’re trying to get him to cum when he fucks us. But we can only make him hot with words. Otherwise we just spread our legs and let him do it.

“I start, I start” Ramona shouted, lay down on the pillows on the floor, spread his legs and looked at me. I built myself up between her thighs and immediately put my club on her crack. She was pretty wet and so my belt immediately slipped into her column as far as it would go. I pumped with deep jolts, but let it go calmly to control me as far as possible. Ramona tried to irritate me of course immediately and to bring me to the Abspritzen. “Oh fuck, what a cock”, she moaned horny, “that’s huge! I will not feel Rolf any more if you fuck me further like this! Next I fucked Laura, who gave me with almost pain distorted face, excited whimpering and violent moaning credibly, I was the biggest fuck of her life. When Gaby opened her stockinged thighs for me afterwards, I was in trouble.

“Yes, you like that, don’t you?” she purred flatteringly at me, “you’d like to let yourself go now, wouldn’t you? Come on, get what you need, just no inhibitions! Somehow I survived that, too, but with every change my eggs seemed to bubble more and more and I had no idea how I could keep it up, but I managed to make it to the end of the second round, when I put my punch back into Isas wet fissure. She smiled at me and waited until I had supported myself next to her and began to fuck her slowly.

She breathed her excited breath into my ear a few times and then gave me the rest. “I want a child from you,” she whispered in my ear, “squirt me full, make me a baby! That was really unfair, but I immediately let myself go completely. Uncontrolled I pushed violently into her and drove my beatings deeper and deeper and harder into her wet cunt. Then I rammed him into her all the way and exploded like never before. I gave an inhuman and endless moan of myself while my more than bulging filled eggs splashed an endless stream of fuck sauce into Isas pussy. My cock twitched a felt eternity into her receptive fissure. And she really had to record a lot. It seemed to me as if I was unloading half a litre of sack cream into her. “Well hello,” Ramona said, when I was sinking down on Isa exhausted but completely satisfied, “I once read that the orgasm lasts half an hour with pigs, but this one was damn close.

“Above all, Isa had pigs,” Laura giggled, “she won.

“Exactly” Isa whispered triumphantly in my ear. “Won!

She had undoubtedly won, but I could live with that well, because somehow I didn’t have the impression that I had lost.