The crazy hospital

Give bitcoind 12 - The crazy hospitalI’m slowly opening my eyes. Look around me, but don’t recognize anything that seems familiar to me. Somehow it smells like a hospital here, but how did I end up here? My head hurts a little. A look at my body disturbs me. The right arm in plaster also the legs. But how did that happen?

Slowly the memories return. Together with friends we were mountain biking. On the descent through the forest and the rough terrain I hit a big stone and got off my bike with a somersault tree.

Thanks to my protective equipment nothing too bad seems to have happened to my back and thanks to my helmet also to my head. Everything hurts. Seems to be a good sign. Also with the room I seem to have had luck because I am alone in the bright room. But I have only the AOK health insurance card.

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Sexy Nurse

It is quite quiet until the round comes. There I see them. Somewhat offside stands the pretty nurse I suspect. A smile scurries over her face as our eyes meet. The prognosis and diagnosis of the doctor I get only marginally. Broken ankle on the right, broken tibia on the left and broken forearm, plus a slight concussion, but the spine is still intact. Everything will have grown together again in a few weeks. Even if the rehabilitation with learning to walk would take a little longer.

But I only get that through a fog. Another picture burned into my brain, namely that of the sweet nurse. A brunette with bright green eyes and a beautiful figure as far as I can tell from the nurse’s coat. And the enchanting smile.

Damn now of all times my lower brain is reporting. Can’t it wait a little longer until I’m out of the hospital again? Apparently not. I am probably too long single and underutilized in erotic regard. Well that can become cheerful in the next weeks if the nurses have to take care of me.

Fortunately I can use at least with one hand the remote control of the television or read also times in a book even if it is not exactly easy with one hand of course. Especially since it is of all things the left one. And that although I am right-handed. I also get regular visits from friends and family. At least the menu stays fresh with fruit. Only the nights are lonely.

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But one night I wake up and think I’m dreaming. It is full moon and he lights the room with his silvery light. Unclearly I recognize a female figure on the chair in front of my bed. Her breath is irregular and a hand seems to move between the spread thighs.

I try to lie still and bring my breath under control so as not to tell her that I am awake. I can hear slightly smacking noises. Judging by the figure, it seems to be the sister of the rounds who I immediately noticed. Her desire seems to rise higher as she seems to lose control over her breathing. Her wheezing becomes faster and a slight groan accompanies her activities.

There, a soft scream escapes her throat as she seems to come. I can’t believe what I’m experiencing here as her body writhes in orgasm and she licks her own fingers from her wet lust with her lips and tongue.

Slowly and seductively she rises. Go towards the door. She turns her head again in my direction, looks at me and as if she knew I was awake, she smiles at me with a wink.

So of course sleep is out of the question now. My tail stands like a one. I have no other way to calm him down but to wank him with my left hand in thought it would be her hand that spoils me now. So it does not take long until it comes to me and my load the underpants eingessaut. The previous demonstration was too exciting.

Before the visit I get visit. One of the learning nurses has probably drawn the lot to have to clean me and that under the supervision of the night nurse last night. The cleaning is almost finished when suddenly the pictures of the last night build up in front of my inner eye. I can’t prevent my staff from standing up. And the treatment of the two doesn’t exactly help to keep him small.

“Look Melanie, someone seems to like us and wants to see who welcomes him.” The experienced colleague breathes a sigh of relief on the nurse.

Somewhat frightened, the younger colleague recedes when she sees my full lust. Because of my situation I can’t do anything to hide him.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. It’s not the first stiff I see.” Jana winking at me the night nurse.

“And you don’t need to hide him either, as big and hard as he is.” Does it come from Melanie’s mouth, whose face has taken on a slightly reddish colour.

Lust flashes in the eyes of the two. The two briefly pull back and whisper to each other. Unfortunately so quietly that I do not notice anything. Shortly afterwards Jana comes to my bed, her head tilts very close to my ear.

“You must not wank your staff until I come back in the evening, you should not regret it either. She takes my left hand, leads it under her short smock directly to her wet fruit. Melanie is not idle either, slowly bends down and takes my pleasure bolt into her mouth, sucks something on it and lets her little tongue slide several times through the acorn notch before she separates from her toy and thinks the blanket over again.

How in the hell am I supposed to survive the day when I’m about to burst. But I am steadfast and curious what is waiting for me here.

Chapter 2

Back in the hallway to their sister’s room, the two women talk.

“Na Melanie how do you like our new arrival?” Jana asks her young colleague.

“Well I have to admit you have taste, his cock is not to be despised either. It already tastes delicious. I would like to suck it out and feel it in my pussy”.

“Well there can be done what to you to fulfill your desires. I talk to the head nurse that you are the next weeks in my shift”. Say Jana and wink at Melanie.

At the end of Jana’s shift the two run into each other again.

“Melanie I have to go now, do some errands. But don’t worry about the duty roster. From tomorrow evening you will be under my command and will be allowed to take care of the patients with me for the next few weeks. Please stay away from our patient in room 24 until then.” Say Jana and wink at her.

Melanie smiles with joy for the coming days and nights.

What the fuck am I gonna do? I’m not allowed to touch myself, there’s nothing real on the TV and I don’t feel like reading any magazines. Lost in thought, I look out of the window. See Jana leaving the area with swaying hips. My gaze is instantly fixed on her crisp butt. I get into raptures and dreams. Can hardly wait for the day to pass.

I try to sleep a little, which is more or less impossible for me, because the thoughts and pictures in my head are carouseling. In the evening after dinner I still manage to watch a movie.

Around midnight I wake up. My antennas are immediately on full reception as I hear the soft click of the door handle. I try to switch on the night light with my left hand, but I don’t really succeed.

“Leave the light out. It’s me, Jana your caring night nurse.” I hear her soft voice.

She quickly locks the door and closes the opaque curtains. At once it is dark until Jana turns on the flashlight and places a few tea lights on the table and lights them, bathing the room in soft light.

“Well, were you good and did you hold back like I asked you? she asks me.

“Yes, even though it was damn hard for me.” I answer her truthfully.

“Well, let’s check that out.” Answer Jana.

She pulls out her smartphone, turns it on and flies over the screen. “Yes, you told the truth. “How can you know that?” I ask her.

She only points to a corner of the room where a small camera connected to her smartphone hangs well camouflaged.

“You’re watching me? Do you do that often?” I ask indignantly.

“I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me to trust because I’ve been disappointed and lied to so many times. Now I know that you are honest. You have earned your reward with it and believe me you will like it very much and at the end of your stay you may take the video home with you”. She answers.

“But…” I want to throw in but Jana presses her sinful mouth on mine and closes it. I can’t help but return this passionate kiss. Our tongues also touch each other and fight with each other until Jana releases herself from me again. All initial anger has vanished.

Jana hits the duvet back and frees my cock from the short. Her fingers gently enclose him. Slowly and carefully she starts rubbing it. Gently rubs the thumb over the ribbon and the notch. I enjoy her tender treatment until she is satisfied with the result and lets me hang again.

Slowly she lets the nurse’s smock slide to the floor, pulls up a chair and settles down on it. Her body is to kneel down. Long legs, a taut belly from sport. A beautifully packaged B-cup with her slender fingers and narrow shoulders. My tail shrugs with pleasure. But when I want to put my left hand around it to squeeze it a little and to give me some relief I am not allowed to.

“Finger away I determine when you may come. Believe me, you will like that. Breathe Jana.

Damn again such a difficult task and that although I am already mega horny.

Seductively Jana lolls on the chair, begins to stroke herself before my eyes. Her eyes are fixed on me and my hard cock. I get even hotter than it already is when she also lets the bra fall to the ground and begins to massage her breasts, twirling the nipples between thumb and index finger until they are very hard and stand out steeply. I can only swallow and my mouth becomes dry.

How I would like to get up now and take care of Janas breasts, suck on the steep rising nipples, massage her breasts and also rub my hard between Janas pleasure hills. But unfortunately I am prevented by the accident. Must be content with watching.

Knowing what is going on in me Jana smiles and spreads her slender legs. Presents me her already wet, shaved pussy. Pink wet shiny and slightly open she is already. My cock just shrugs even more as Jana pulls up her labia wide and I can also see her swollen chandelier pea. The sight makes my pipe drip.

At the sight I can only moan as I see Jana holding her labia open with thumb and ring finger and pushing her middle and index finger into her running out lust grotto.

A moan escapes her throat. I enjoy her show as this lustful creature pampers himself before my eyes. Her running out lustsaft rubs. Massages the clitoris and pushes her fingers faster into the hot hole until she moans out her first orgasm. I can see how her pussy shrugs and her body shakes with pleasure.

This sight is too horny for me. Without touching me caught me the orgasm wave and brings my cock to spray. In high arc injected my cream in the air and falls back again on my stomach. Breathless and wheezing I lie there, it can hardly grasp what just happened. From the short intoxication awakening I get with how Janas lips and tongue take up my desire. This sharp slut tastes my load.

“Mmmmh your cock and your sperm taste wonderful, Melanie has not promised too much. Think with you I will still have a lot of fun”. Jana smiles, breaks away from me and leaves the room.

Chapter 3

Satisfied, I fall asleep. As it is called so beautifully on rain follows sunshine. The accident seems to have something good. Who knows if I would have met Jana and Melanie otherwise ever.

“Good morning.” Wakes me Jana’s voice from my dreams. It’s still dark so it must be just before her shift change.

“Good morning.” Does it come back overslept from me even if my little friend seems to be wide awake immediately.

When Jana’s hand slides under the blanket and feels him, a smile scurries across her face.

“There seems to be someone really happy to see me again.” She breathes and hits the blanket back.

My erection rises into the air as Jana withdraws her foreskin completely and kisses the glans for the first time. Her tongue flits over the pointed one and then licks up and down along the trunk. With her tender hand she supports her efforts to make me feel like it until the first drop of pleasure appears at the tip. The sharp mouse licks through the notch and picks it up.

“Mmmmh of that I want much more tonight. But not now.”

Damn again she lets me hang with the prohibition to relax myself. But as a little incentive to stay good she takes my hand under her smock. I feel her heat between her thighs and that she is not wearing panties. I wet pussy is already beautifully opened as Jana presses my fingers into her body. I may briefly take her in and out before she pulls my hand back and licks her lust from my fingers and sucks on it. Shortly afterwards she pulls up a chair puts a leg on it pushes the nurse’s coat quite high so that I can see her wet fruit which is already running out beautifully. I would love to lick her now. Drill my tongue into her hot hole just to taste her. But I just can’t get to it.

Again Jana takes my hand and presses it firmly onto her running out source of lust. I drill three of my fingers into the narrow hot wet channel of the sweet dirty nurse. Circle with the thumb her Klit. My spread little finger rubs lightly over Janas rosette. Her light moaning tells me that she seems to like it. Also because her pelvis circles in time to my finger movements.

“Oooh…. Jaaaah…. Do you do that guuuuut…” She moans. “Just don’t stop I’m just so horny… Yes, go on.”

I feel my fingers twitching like Jana starts. Faster and harder I push my fingers into the sinful body that longs for a climax. Their hot juice is making its way out over my hand.

Again Jana pulls my hand back just to taste herself and push my fingers inside again. But this time I bend my fingers towards the abdominal wall, feel for her G-spot and massage it extensively.

“Aaaaaah….. Uuuuuhhhh….. Please go on! I’m about to reach my orgasm …..” she pants.

It doesn’t take long until Jana explodes. I feel her squirming and her pussy twitching and cramping my fingers. I hold my fingers still until Jana has calmed down. I pull my hand back and let Jana taste her lust again.

Another passionate kiss from her and she disappears with a “See you tonight”. Smiling from the room. Damn it and I have to wait again until I am redeemed. But I think it will be worth it again. The day goes on like chewing gum again but at least there are visitors so that I don’t stay all alone and get distracted from my sinful thoughts. I am curious what will happen next night.

Chapter 4

In the evening there is a knock just before one of the younger sisters brings me dinner. It is Melanie the sweet learning sister. Immediately I scan Melanie. She is also a pretty sight a little more daintier than Jana but also everything in the right place and a cheeky smile plays around her lips. Because of the sperm jam Jana left behind in the morning, I immediately get an erection at this sweet sight.

I would like to jerk off now but I had promised Jana to stay well-behaved. Besides, the camera is still hanging in the corner. Maybe she is watching me right now.

But she didn’t forbid me to indulge in my thoughts and neither Jana nor Melanie know what’s going on in my head right now and they just wink at me cheekily.

We also talk a bit. So I learn that she is already in her last year of apprenticeship and is about to take her exams and therefore has no time for anything solid. She winked at me again. A short time later Melanie says goodbye again. Now I am alone again with my thoughts on both of them.

Melanie is taking a break. Jana will come soon, then they will go on tour together. But until then there is still a little time and alone she is straight. The rest of the time she is after her erotic thoughts. Her hand automatically slips under her smock and into her panties. That turns her on even more.

The thought of getting caught excites her so much and it didn’t take long until she pushes her panties aside, her horny pussy opens and drills two fingers into the wet love shell.

At that very moment Jana enters the lounge.

As if rooted, she stops and watches Melanie, who with her eyes closed just worries about it. But the shock lasts only a short time.

Jana has always been a woman of action. She quietly sneaks closer, kneels between the legs of her younger colleagues to watch the game up close.

It is not the first time that Jana has an open column in front of her eyes. During her apprenticeship she also had a roommate in the sisters’ home with whom she regularly did it and these experiences were always very nice.

Carefully she pushes her head between Melanie’s spread legs. Surprised, Melanie opens her eyes as she feels Jana’s warm breath in her lap. Melanie quickly pulls her fingers back.

Right at this moment Jana’s tongue shoots out hits Melanie’s swollen chandelier pea. Take away the last of her wits. Jana skilfully lets her tongue glide through Melanie’s flowing crevice. Open the hot slit with her fingers and lick in circular movements around the pink entrance of the sweet-scented plum.

Melanie winds herself with lust, bites her hand with lust not to scream. When Jana keeps drilling her tongue deep into Melanie, it doesn’t take long for this Jana’s face to flood with her lust.

Greedily Jana slurps everything up until Melanie has calmed down, rises and kisses Melanie, who immediately returns this kiss and can still taste the remains of her own lust. Melanie’s hand wanders under Jana’s smock and meets a wet crevice. But Jana interrupts Melanie’s attempt.

“Sweetie, we still have enough time for this later. Now we have to take care of the patients. Especially the one in room 24” Jana smiles.

Also Melanie smiles at the thought of this special patient who seems to be really nice and has a delicious cock, as she convinced herself from the visit the day before. There can be great possibilities. Jana seems to be quite open-minded.

Inspired by her thoughts the work goes easily by the hand. Jana is also very satisfied with her. Especially since she has the supervision. A short check of her smartphone and the camera in the special hospital room shows her that everything is fine and that the patient is also well-behaved.

A smile scurries over her face. She already knows how to reward Melanie for her good work and the patient in room 24 as well.

I roll around restlessly in bed as far as I can. The erotic thoughts of the two simply do not want to be repressed. When it knocks quietly I am immediately wide awake. Shortly afterwards I see two female beings stepping into my room.

They are Jana and Melanie.

While Melanie locks the door, Jana hurries to the window and closes the opaque curtains. Melanie turns on the light as soon as she has done that. My eyes need a moment to get used to the bright light of the neon tubes again.

“Good evening, sweetheart.” Both breathe at the same time as if on command. As Jana left, Melanie right next to my bed stand down and give me both a kiss on the cheek.

“What have I done to deserve this?” I ask.

“You held out so bravely, and Melanie really did a great job today. Besides, she really likes you.” Jana winking at me with a smile.

Amazed, I look at the smiling faces of the two crazy nurses.

“Komm Melanie unpack your reward for your great work. After all, you earned it.” Demands Jana.

The nurse hits the ceiling back with a short hand. My staff somehow seems to have a life of its own. It stands nevertheless hard and bulging as Melanie covers him gently and jerks tenderly.

“Wow, he’s beautiful again.” Breathes it.

Meanwhile Jana and I flicker while my hand creeps under the smock and meets there immediately on her naked hot skin. My hand pushes itself slowly further, reaches the wet paradise and presses itself firmly on it. With circling movements I spoil the ripe fruit until I push two fingers into it and circle the hard lustre pea with my thumb.

Melanie also watches the game spellbound as she jerks my cock. Tenderly Melanie pushes the foreskin up and down, rubbing the tip of her thumb gently over the glans. I think I’m dreaming. A mouse jerks my tail and that very skillfully. The other can be fingered by me. Soon Jana releases herself from my grip. Lies down in 69 on me and presses me her wet column in the face. Greedily I try to lick up every drop of her geilsaft and drill my tongue deep into her pleasure cave. Which I also succeed very well.

Melanie holds it because it clings tightly to my staff and squeezes off the sperm duct when Jana’s lips finally slide over my glans. Melanie also does not remain idle, leans her head forward and licks the tail root and the eggs.

It makes me wild to feel two pairs of hot lips and two tongues on my tail. And Jana’s runaway source of lust before my eyes and her sweet taste on my tongue.

I lose every sense of time. Slide off into a frenzy. Just get on the edge with how the two cool me again and again to pamper me hot again and alternately suck on my plump hard rod. I can no longer be too big is my desire. I want to inject, must not to twist what I announced with violent pelvic movements. Jana detaches herself from me. She stands behind Melanie.

“Come little suck the juice out of him. He splashes immediately. Come jerk him a little and let him squirt I want to see how he squirts everything in your sweet mouth. Yes so you do that well. Suck him deep and hard. Haucht Jana in Melanies ear .

More violently Melanie rubs and sucks my stick until I rebel and inject her everything in the sweet mouth and she swallows most. As Melanie comes loose Jana immediately presses her lips onto Melanie’s mouth. Kisses her hot and fervent.

Shortly afterwards the two say goodbye again with the promise to come back later when they have finished their last tour. I can also use the break now. Who knows what they will do with me. I think quite a lot.

Chapter 5

Again on her tour Melanie raves. “Mmmmh is the delicious one I could get used to.”

“Be careful you don’t get addicted to his tasty donation.” Jana winking at her colleague with a smile, “But he doesn’t just taste great. Our patient also has a clever tongue and his finger play first. Even at the thought of it I get wet again”. Says Jana.

“I would like to taste you so much and thank you for relaxing before work.” Replies Melanie.

“A little more patience, sweetheart. First the work then the pleasure.” Jana laughs with joy.

The two of them enjoy their tour.

Of course, sleep is not to be thought of when thinking of the two hot nurses. After all, I don’t know when they will return and what will happen then. But probably both of them will come up with something really horny again.

Will they also play together outside the hospital? Their joint kiss after Melanie’s brass concert gives you a hint of something. The thought of watching them together makes me horny. But still my friend is not able to straighten up again. He still needs some break, even if the head cinema runs at full speed. So close your eyes, try to recharge your batteries and wait and see what happens.

“So we made the last tour.” Jana announces the happy news.

“Hurray then we can play together now.” Melanie is happy.

“I have an idea and I think you will like it. We wanted to visit our special patient again when we are finished here. We could offer him a little show. Well what do you mean? Jana asks her younger colleague.

“Pooh there I get already quite hot, when I think of the fact that I may slurp you out during our playmates watch,” answers Melanie.

The two slobs are already on their way to room 24.

A soft knock tears me out of my sleep.

“We are only your two benefactors.” Jana winked at me as the light came on.

Melanie gives me another kiss before I turn to Jana and kisses her too. It is really exciting for me to see these two hot mice kissing each other. Their tongues skilfully play with each other and circle around each other.

For a moment they separate when Jana pulls a chair close to the bed to sit on it and Melanie pulls it onto her lap. Again the two kiss each other deeply and passionately. Again and again their hands glide over each other’s bodies. Melanie’s lips glide deeper over the neck of the older nurse.

Her skilful hands open Jana’s zipper so that she can free herself from her smock. Her lips meet again as Jana puts Melanie’s hands on her beautiful breasts. Melanie’s lips and tongue glide down Jana’s slender neck until they reach the steeply erect nipples, which she already twists between her thumb and index finger of her hands. Jana gasps with pleasure. Throws her head into her neck as Melanie’s lips suck on her breasts. Such a horny sight naturally causes a mighty uprising under my blanket.

Jana’s hand grabs a corner of the blanket and pulls it back. The sight pleases her.

“Oh, you seem to like it, sweetie. Don’t touch it. I want to see your reactions to our game.” She gives me instructions.

Even though I find it hard to hold back to relieve myself, I obey. Enjoy the sight of Melanie pushing Jana’s slender thighs apart with her hands and gliding over the hem of her wet panties.

“Melanie, you make the real point. Look how his cock is already bobbing up and down with lust”. Jana breathes while looking at my lust.

“The must still wait a little. Now I want to taste first of all your wet lust”. Answer Melanie and kisses herself from Janas thigh inner sides further in the direction of the already opened and running out desire snail.

Jana’s labia are already wide open and the white string is just like a narrow strip in between as Melanie gently licks over it and explores the contours. The brunette nurse winds herself under the playmate’s tongue arts with pleasure. Each of them is a feast for the eyes but to see both together is madness.

Melanie carefully pulls the gusset with her teeth out of the wet slit of her colleague. At the same time she opens Jana’s pleasure grotto wide to give me a really hot look at the wet cunt. I can see so Janas pink juice fig and the hard pleasure knobbel that already shrugs.

Jana gently puts her hand on the back of Melanie’s head and pulls it firmly into her lap. Her sweet scent intoxicates the blonde nurse as she sips the juice from Jana’s honey pots like a hungry kitten.

“Yes…. So…. is…that…good. Yes…drill… your… tongue… deep… in… my… Little.” Jana pants and gives herself completely to her feelings, while I continue to watch and enjoy myself spellbound.

I may not be allowed to touch myself, but Melanie certainly has nothing against me letting my hand slide under her smock. And right as my fingers reach her lap she moans her lust in Jana’s hot twitching lap. I skilfully push my fingers under my panties and drill them into Melanie’s fig. Rub the thumb over the clitoris. She also seems to like my treatment.

When Jana and my look meet, she smiles knowingly and nods to me encouragingly to continue with Melanie.

Jana’s nectar as well as my tongue at the crevice are causing violent reactions in the body of the licking blonde, which are also transmitted to Jana’s body. Both groan in the highest tones of lust.

Out of the blue Jana’s breath falters. Her body stretches, her flat stomach shrugs as everything inside her contracts and she explodes violently.

Melanie continues to suck on Jana’s clitoris and tries to lick up everything from the delicious liquid until Jana gently presses Melanie’s head back and struggles hard for breath.

Satisfied and with a face smeared with Jana’s lust-juice Melanie rises and kisses me passionately. The nurse and I flicker extensively together. Melanie’s hand wanks my staff tenderly but still keeps it under tension. Also I finger the sweet mouse further until she comes.

I think that the two leave me again unsatisfied I am wrong. Jana has already recovered. Gently she pushes Melanies hand aside only to blow my stick briefly and suck the first pleasure drops from my glans.

Shortly afterwards she rises, climbs over my lap, takes the hard bar and rubs the tip through the slit. Slowly my tail glides into the hot dripping pleasure cave. Jana’s lust lips widen until he is up to the eggs deep in the horny mouse. Jana stays calm on the hard stick to get used to the size.

“Komm Melanie take off all your clothes and then sit on his mouth and let him lick you out. I bet he can hardly wait to taste you. Come let him strengthen himself at your source of lust.” Breathes Jana.

Immediately the blonde nurse follows the invitation. The prospect of finally slurping out the hot nurse causes a violent twitching of my tail in Jana’s temple of lust.

Melanie’s flowing out fissure in front of her eyes, my tongue pushes into the flowing out fuck slot. Janas hands lie down on Melanies breasts. At the same time she pulls her upper body back so that Melanie can lean against it. She turns her head to exchange hot kisses with Jana. At the same time Jana’s left hand massages her colleague’s sweet breasts and pulls Melanie’s pussy up with her right hand so that my tongue can reach every corner of this sweet snail through my mouth.

At the same time the brunette tensions and loosens her intimate muscles. Gives me a tail massage of a special kind.

Melanie moans and winds herself with closed eyes as Jana’s slender fingers in addition to my tongue and lips spoil the twitching and vibrating chandelier pea.

Three of us moan out our lust. I mean in the sweet lap of the student nurse and the other two each other in the mouth. Jana’s pelvis moves slowly up and down in circular movements. Melanie’s pelvis also circles over my mouth so that I can reach every corner of her dripping pleasure column with my tongue. Janas fingers fuck the sweet nurse additionally.

This treatment puts Melanie’s body into a true pleasure frenzy. The body shakes again and again.

Jana rides faster on my magic wand towards the desired summit. Also I come towards her with violent pushes as far as my situation allows.

Melanie is exhausted and comes out of her position enjoying the sight of Jana riding more and more wildly on my tail. Until we both explode and I fill the experienced nurse with my syringe.

When I have injected myself Jana pulls my cock out to clean it of our common lust. At the same time Melanie licks my milk from Jana’s pussy and brings her colleague to another orgasm.

After a short calming break the two get dressed again. They still freshen up a bit.

“See you soon, sweet and beautiful.” The two say goodbye before they leave the room again. Just in time not to miss the shift change.

Chapter 6

During my rounds in the morning, I look pretty upset. Dark rings under the eyes testify to the lack of sleep. Well, the nightly activities pay their tribute. But also the doctors move on soon. So I can snooze a little and find a few hours of sleep between breakfast and lunch.

In the afternoon I get an unexpected visit from Jana. She wears a tight short summer dress and high heels. Damn, it looks sharp. She even brought a wheelchair.

“You need to get out of here and get some fresh air, my dear.” She winked at me and helped me into the vehicle. With one arm I am of course hardly any help to her to move the wheelchair but with Jana’s help it still works to reach the green in the courtyard. A secluded quiet place away from the benches under a tree is our goal.

“Tell me a little bit about yourself.” Jana asks me.

“What do you like to know?” I ask her.

“Everything. She answers.

“Well, you know my technical data from the files and your nightly activities.” I say

“No, I mean, what do you like to do in your spare time?” she asks.

Well, actually I like to be outside in the fresh air when the weather is nice. Sometimes on foot, by bike, or kayak. I also like trips to the cinema or a leisurely stroll through the city. Yes and dancing, I also like cooking. I also like to read a spy novel, but I also write stories myself.” I answer her.

“What kind of stories do you write?” asks Jana.

I turn red. Should I tell her or not? After all, what the hell have we already had our fun together?

“I’m writing good night stories for adults.” I answer evasively.

“Horror stories or detective stories” she drills.

“No more of the erotically filthy kind.” I answer.

“Cool, may I read something.” Jana asks.

“Yes, but I can only do that if I have my lap top here.” I answer her.

She also tells me about her hobbies. A nice afternoon comes to an end when she takes me back to my room. With a kiss and a happy “See you later”. Jana says goodbye to me.

In the evening I get a visit from my best friend and ask him to bring me my Lap Top the next day.

Shortly before the night shift Melanie and Jana meet in the meeting room and Jana tells her about her visit in the afternoon with me and my confession as an erotic writer.

“Melanie asks excitedly, “Do you think he’ll let us share his lines?

“I think so. If not today then maybe tomorrow. Answers Jana.

“Did you see the empty bed in the hallway?” Melanie asks her colleague.

“Yes and I think we will park it in room 24 today. I have a little idea, sweetie. But first we have to do the work.” Jana answers with a wink.

To get the job done faster, they split up. While Jana writes the reports, checks the medication and prepares for the early shift, Melanie makes her way to the other rooms to see what is going on.

When she is at the edge of the neighbouring station, she hears a slight moan, which makes her very curious. Three doors down, some light falls on the hallway where only the emergency lighting is on. She sets off curiously.

The moaning’s getting louder. Carefully Melanie sneaks closer until she can take a look through the crevice of the door. As if rooted, she stops as the young nurse sees what is going on in the room.

Sina, the assistant doctor, with the two caretakers Florian and Pascal, is doing a great job.

She jerks the sperm syringes with both hands and takes them alternately in her mouth. Sina turns around, turns her head to Florian. While he fucks in her mouth, Pascal kneels behind her. Greedily he pushes his tongue into Sina’s grotto, sucking on her clitoris. Then he sets to work and with a strong thrust he penetrates the juice grotto. With one tail in her mouth and the other in her tight pussy, Sina feels like in seventh heaven.

In Melanies lap this hot tingling begins as she observes the events of the three as quietly as possible. Moisture spreads. The young nurse can’t help but stroke herself. It is difficult for her not to moan loudly in order not to betray herself.

Then the two men swap positions. Florian lay backwards on the floor. Sina sat down on Florian’s spear and Pascal slides his tail, smeared with her juice, into her mouth. “Yes, fucks me right through, my horny fucker. I need it today especially violently”.

Again is changed. Sina now sits upside down on Pascal’s spear and Florian’s beating is in her mouth. But Sina wants more. Shortly she lifts her pelvis, covers Pascal’s beating and leads him to her butt hole. Pascal groaned with lust as his fuck bolt disappears into Sina’s bottom.

“Come on, put your dick in my pussy now. I want to feel you both in my holes at the same time.” Demand the assistant doctor.

Sina believed to burst when Florians beat her in her pussy pushes. Panting and moaning she enjoys the horny sandwich number.

Melanie watches the spectacle in disbelief and how the doctor winds herself under the hard blows of the two nurses. How she would like to swap now and try what it feels like to be double staked.

Faster and harder the two caretakers Sinas fuck holes shrugging with lust. One orgasm after the other she experiences wedged between the two male bodies. The two men also like the way the woman rebels between them.

When Florian is ready, he tears his cock out of Sina’s grotto and splashes his juice on her breasts. Pascal is also about to have a violent outbreak. Sina feels the treacherous twitching in her ass. Quickly she descends and then lets the fuck cream squirt into her mouth and licks both beating alternately clean.

Melanie gives up her viewing position just in time and hurries back to her station, does the rest of the work before going back to Jana’s nurse’s room.

“Where have you been so long? But not with the patient in room 24,” Jana asks.

“No, I wasn’t, but I heard a soft moan from the neighbouring ward, where I naturally had to see what was going on. Answer Melanie.

“And what did you discover?” Jana asks.

“You don’t believe it. Our new assistant doctor let the two nurses fuck her in a sandwich. So really violently in pussy and ass. Melanie tells excitedly.

“Well, of course I can understand that you took a little longer.” Says Jana and grabs Melanie unerringly under the smock and fingers her a fast orgasm.

“Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed now.” breathes this.

“I had to do that otherwise you can’t concentrate on your work.” Jana smiles.

Again she gets hot ideas and she likes that Melanie seems so open.

“Then let’s get ready and bring the bed to the intended place.” Demands Jana.