The Sexy Hypnosis Therapy

Give bitcoind 12 - The Sexy Hypnosis TherapyI am Kurt, now 36 years old, a psychotherapist with additional training as a hypnotist. But the common prejudices about this profession do not apply to me. At least I hope so. In my practice there is also no red leather couch. What does practice mean, it could just as well be the cosy office of a tax consultant, except that I have an extraordinarily comfortable high chair next to my desk, something you might use at home in front of your TV.

I’ve been living in a spacious 2½ room apartment ever since I was a student. That’s enough, because contrary to popular opinion, not every doctor earns money by the carton, especially if he mainly cares for patients covered by health insurance. The clientele depends above all on the situation of the practice and on the influence of your circle of acquaintances. It is like so often: If you have something then you become someone. As an “upstart” from the working class with a migration background, you have a double problem, so I understand many of my patients who fail because of everyday problems.

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Sexy German Woman

At the time of my studies, my ex-girlfriend organized this apartment for us. She moved out 8 years ago, to a successful entrepreneur in his villa. This story ran unnecessarily dirty from her side, so that I was afraid of a stronger bond until today. I am a bit naïve in terms of my craftsmanship, moves and every kind of change are a horror to me. Is that why I should go to a colleague’s office?

In short: I stayed in the apartment, bought it when it fell out of the social bond, had it cleaned up by a master painter and felt quite comfortable in the rooms so far.

But not in the house itself. Because we had a woman in the house block, the typical block keeper. Malicious, curious, know-it-all. I got along with her halfway, simply because I avoided her strictly and belonged more to the more peaceful people, avoiding conflicts where possible. I already have enough to do with problems in my professional everyday life, so you don’t have to get annoyed in your private life as well.

But I know from my neighbours that this woman was already responsible for many an involuntary move out of the house. She was riding around on little things, the worst thing you can do to a tenant is to intercept him in the stairwell in the evening when he’s coming home from work if you think you have something to complain about.

The paralyzing discussions why one must wipe also in the summer once the week exactly on Thursday the stairway although nothing, absolutely nothing is contaminated. Or why one must also clear snow on Sundays punctually at 6 o’clock, although the first passers-by do not go to church until 9 o’clock. Before that, one does not see any marks in the snow.

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Always good for an exciter: Paste the apartment door with reminding slips of paper. Or even to make a scene in front of the tenant’s visitors in the stairwell. The residents were really afraid to come home. She had a talent for picking on people. You certainly know such people, too, and I’ll just call them “Frau Krause” here, anytime and fictitious.

Now exactly this woman should come to me in the practice, her file lay to my surprise on the desk. Colicky abdominal pain, menstrual disorders. That often belongs together. The orthodox medicine had already completely written them off, all medicines developed only their side effects, however relief did not occur. They stamped her as a hypochondriac. The orthodox doctors do this whenever they do not know what to do. “Doctor, the simulator of room 12 has died! But now he’s really exaggerating.”

A friendly alternative practitioner took care of the whole thing, because he already suspected that the causes were not necessarily organic. Soon he didn’t know what to do and sent them to me. At least he took care of an alternative instead of writing it off, instructed me in advance on the phone already on the “short official way” about the whole sad prehistory and sent me the bulging medical file.

I wondered for a long time if I should answer the official appointment request. On the one hand, the private involvement, my negative bias, disturbed me. Then I felt personally challenged. My toughest challenge for a long time, if not in my career so far.

Apart from many “normal” spinning things like fetishists and neurotics, I occasionally had murderers, pyromaniacs and exhibitionists to look after, but this woman seemed to me to be abysmally vicious. Or should I better ask the church about an exorcism? If of all things I could get the Krause back on track, it would be my masterpiece. I said yes with a heavy heart.

Every therapy starts with an introductory talk, which lasts about 1 ½ hour. There a first careful diagnosis is made, it is decided whether the actual therapy will be started, whether the financing promises will be obtained from the health insurance company, further possible appointments coordinated.

How she came to my practice at the agreed appointment was her first reaction not a polite greeting, but only a surprised “Sieeeee?

I consciously withdrew to the official level and answered formally and politely. It would be up to her to decide whether she had enough confidence in my expertise, or whether she could switch to a colleague at any time. I would have a few addresses for her.

Mrs Krause gathered herself together. “Actually, they are a very decent person, although they always clear snow so sloppily when they are on it. I’ve had the least trouble with them all these years. Where I am already times here. You’re hopefully bound to secrecy?”

I nodded energetically. “I am, absolutely! Their interests interest me also only purely official, what I hear here I carry completely certainly not with home.

Because of my duty of confidentiality: I’m not talking here now, I’m just writing. And I have veiled her identity enough. You won’t tell anyone, will you?

This time the initial conversation even lasted 2 hours ½, my lunch break went for it. And I noticed what a hard nut this will be for me. The whole person is embittered through and through, negative. She has no friends, the family has turned away. Who is surprised? Maybe I even took it a little bit personally, just to improve the peace of the house a little bit.

A first preliminary diagnosis was formulated, the cash register approved 10 sessions. Actually a joke with such a person. I was already swaying that we would not get there with it and saw my hourly rate sink into the cellar again due to involuntary extra work. Fortunately I don’t pay any more rent.

I found out naturally in long discussions where the problems of this woman were, this time I had to force myself already very much to the professionalism, where I knew nevertheless exactly to which maliciousness this woman was capable. If such a person presents himself as a victim. She sees her dilemma, but basically all others are to blame.

During his studies, a professor of self-reflection once said to us: “5-10% of mankind are actually assholes. But if you now feel like you’re only surrounded by idiots then you should think about it for a moment.” I can’t say something like that to her so directly. A psychotherapist formulates it very differently.

It quickly became clear where her physical complaints came from. She rejects herself and her body. Frau Krause eats every anger into herself. You know the proverb yourself: >That hits me on the stomach!< That’s exactly how it can actually be.

Originally Mrs Krause must have been quite an attractive woman. She was impregnated by an admirer at that time in young years and then abandoned. Today she is 39 years old, her daughter 2 years old. She has left her mother with the day of the majority hastily, I saw myself the small furniture truck before the house.

10 sessions. 5 of them were soon worked off, each time far overdrawn. I am only now so far that I can actually make the exact diagnosis, which actually confirms the first assumption. 5 remaining sessions for a complete therapy? Impossible. Alternatives have to be found if not all the previous work and the money should be lost. I slowly felt my way towards hypnosis therapy with Mrs. Krause.

That goes relatively fast. Each session lasts only about 20 to 40 minutes, contrary to 90 minutes for a conversation therapy. So I can stretch the number of sessions and still get my hourly rate. If the cash register does not refill.

At first she was very suspicious. A whole session just went on to explain the hypnosis to her and to clarify it with a simple suggestion test. To explain that with hypnosis there is a 40% probability of healing.

That she will keep her physical complaints safe with the otherwise only remaining 4 sessions I concealed as a precaution.

Hypnosis is a flimsy topic for many people, which is intensified by many show hypnotists and rumours. People feel at the mercy. You can’t hypnotize everyone either. The more intelligent a person is, the easier it becomes, and the better his imagination, his fantasy is developed.

As a rule, people under hypnosis do nothing that they would not do when awake. A thoroughly peaceful person cannot be unintentionally manipulated into a murderer, only latently existing qualities are further promoted. Because from a certain point in time the so-called superego comes into play, hypnosis would break with strongly from the character deviating suggestions.

The dubious contemporaries and the show hypnotists now have the gift to find out exactly these people which firstly can easily be put into trance and secondly already carry the anchored tendency in themselves for the certain desired activities. For example, to recognize people who are addicted to the world of prestige and who like to be made a fool of on the show stage.

Depending on the teaching, there are 4 or 5 different levels of trance. You know the first stage of the trance yourself, which you often have when you wake up from sleep in the morning and still “deppert” a little bit, is planless in your head. Or when you are in the office, looking out of the window and suddenly in your mind you are somewhere else. If it tears you apart and you suddenly think about it: Where was I just now? That’s already the first stage of trance.

Some people also deliberately create this trance. Indigenous people dance their way into trance in ritual dances. You probably won’t belong to them. This trance can also be brought about by other means, such as drugs. But I reject that in all its forms.

With many people you can artificially increase this trance. From the fourth or fifth stage of the trance one actually reaches the subconscious and one can have a therapeutic effect. Strictly scientifically applied this is called hypnosis. With a hypnosis so-called suggestions are deposited, for this the certain depth of the trance is necessary, where one gets access to the subconscious. This must also be repeated several times in order to anchor these suggestions firmly in the subconscious.

I try to explain the essence of hypnosis superficially. As already mentioned, only the fourth or fifth stage of the trance is therapeutically effective. And one gets also only perhaps 1/3 of mankind into the necessary depth of the trance. So it remains an attempt, but with quite good prospects and probabilities. Without side effects. So an attempt that is always worth it. At least in the case of Krause.

In the beginning you hypnotize 2-3 times a week until you have the impression that the suggestion is anchored. Afterwards the hypnosis sessions are stretched out in time, you only root more firmly and test the success. If the patient notices the success himself then he feels confirmed, a spiral in the good begins.

Basically, only one or, if necessary, two suggestions are made. One must urgently pay attention that the suggestion does not contradict itself. If, for example, you tell a heavy smoker: “You will never smoke again in your life! But then he still has the desire to smoke a cigarette in him. He has an agonizing conflict in him, the success is doubtful.

You have to take away his desire for cigarettes. In such a case of hypnotic smoking cessation, for example, I always leave a certain suggestion, offer the subconscious a “substitute addiction”.

Whenever the patient feels like something between his fingers and the associated good feeling, i.e. an unwanted cigarette, I leave the suggestion of a desire for a carrot behind. This is undoubtedly much healthier. The patient has something in his fingers and for him the carrot is the tastiest food in the world right now. He has his sense of achievement. He has a healthy diet, does without a cigarette and feels good. Of course I don’t tell the patient this, he shouldn’t know that the carrot is only a substitute for the cigarette.

Some suggestions should only be effective on a case-by-case basis, are backed up with a so-called “trigger”. This is used, for example, to make it easier to hypnotize a patient the next time. This can be a code word or in a therapeutic context: If a violent husband wants to beat his wife again, then the trigger is her cries of fear (played in trance from the tape or more modern from an mp3 file) deposited as a trigger to recall the desired behavior at the moment of the act of violence. So pity, empathy, shaking the protective instinct awake.

To formulate the suggestion in the case of Krause was difficult. It was primarily about their physical complaints, the abdominal pain as a call for help from the body and secondarily about the actual causes of the complaints, their malignancy and aggression. The secondary was probably intensified by the severe separation in pregnant state, because especially men who corresponded to the type of their ex got it especially thick.

Since I knew her quite well over the many years, she could not talk about her daily life in front of me. Just like the smokers who only smoke 5 cigarettes a day and still got a leg taken off or the (from the traffic authority skillfully) notorious racer who had crashed 5 cars in one year and was flashed 12 times, in his description with me in practice but only once a little too fast was because he was pushed.

In the case of Krause I decided on two suggestions. The first one was permanently effective, first concerning her violent aggressions. I first wanted to see if the physical ailments would go back with it if she experienced less disregard, even hatred. As the process progressed, one could specify the suggestion of her current status.

The second suggestion with trigger was completely unprofessional, perhaps not at the border to the punishable, but at least quite reprehensible. But I couldn’t help it, I’m only human. With primeval thoughts of revenge. Well tamed, but still present. Seen that way she got off lightly, because I didn’t destroy her car tires like the neighbours or the apartment door with super glue…

What is the best way to describe this? Somewhat amateurish? Well, if a woman has abdominal pain then she should sometimes take some relaxation to counter it. That really helps. Only if she rejects herself? If she is rather opposed to a man or the men to her, then with her own means of her body? I didn’t choose the word “sweep week” as a trigger for this.

So whenever she heard the word >sweeping week< she would feel an unbridled desire for sex. In the absence of a man she would have to help herself. So the plan. That would shorten the tiresome discussions in the stairwell. I hoped.

The one I could control directly, through their success stories at the sessions. The other would remain largely hidden from me, but the thieving joy and the imagination alone makes me laugh again and again. Whereby the probability was quite high that if one suggestion appeals to the other, the other would also work.

The first 5-8 hypnosis sessions are staggered quite closely. After that the intervals stretch to weeks, later months. At first I hardly saw Frau Krause except in practice. But there were also some changes in the house. Nothing tangible, yet clearly perceptible.

Mrs. Krause soon noticed the clear improvement of her physical complaints and thus gained more trust in me. Her health insurance budget had been exhausted for a long time, but I still decided to hold several free sessions. But she did not know that. She thought the health insurance company had agreed to the extension. I saw it as a unique opportunity to improve the climate in our house. Maybe I should peddle the collecting box to my neighbours?

On the outside you could see more changes every time. She was moving more and more away from the clothes of a senior woman (which she hadn’t been for a long time) to clothes more appropriate to her age. Her voice became softer and quieter. To me command tones gave way to a request and thank you. What a tremendous transformation when you knew her from before.

It burned me under the nails to drill what has become of the second, triggered suggestion. That is the price for such stupidity, the unquenched tormenting curiosity. I must not address it, not even arouse the suspicion that there might still be something there. It would destroy trust and break suggestion.

Slowly further transformation set in. Frau Krause paid more attention to her appearance, because originally she was quite attractive. In the reverse conclusion she experienced more interest, at least with the people who did not live with her in the house. This encouraged her self-confidence. She then continued to refine her appearance. The spiral for good was initiated.

Her petty orders in the house as Sergeant Major increasingly gave way to references to the house rules if one met by chance at the garbage cans. By chance! And no more ambuscading. One or the other neighbour will probably wonder what would be going on there.

Then, one day: An unbelievable novelty! Frau Krause went on vacation! 3 weeks Egypt, Nile cruise and pyramid ascent, or something. 3 weeks rest in the house without a block keeper! She leaves her unrestricted control area to the vandals of neighbours and tenants. Unbelievable. The news went up the stairs like a firestorm, the neighbours suddenly planned all their party’s or loud renovations into this time, a real boom went through “s house. Beer carriers and building materials were carted in trailers. She accepted it without comment or instruction.

And who did she ask to water her flowers and feed the budgies? Me! Apparently I really became the first person she trusted. Or did she have no one else? Did she hope that my professional secrecy would also apply to my private life?

I almost didn’t recognize her standing in front of my door to deliver the key to the apartment. No longer a smock apron, but a cheerful, airy dress. Hair properly straightened, no headscarf. Discreetly painted!

A short verbal briefing followed which would have to be considered. Finally the hint: I should supervise only yes the sweeping week conscientiously!

And what exactly happened with the word >coming week<?

You suspect it now and I almost laughed out loud, because it was the confirmation I had been waiting for secretly for months.

Mrs. Krause suddenly got glassy eyes, became totally nervous and stepped from one foot to the other as if she urgently needed to go to the toilet. Accordingly, she disappeared into her apartment again, even though the taxi was already waiting in front of the house with her luggage.

It’s so unsatisfactory when you can’t share this thieving joy with anyone. Maybe that would be a reason for me to supervise a colleague? Or a confession in church? No matter. 3 weeks rest in the house. So do not rest in this sense, because the hammer drills in the walls will probably rattle every day now and in the evening the music will sound through the staircase. But the sergeant will not command us to rest all the time. After that we can still sleep in.

After 2 days I went down in the afternoon the first time into the strange apartment. The first thing I noticed was the apartment: Everything totally like licked. Like in a furniture store. Did anyone live here at all? Next I saw the sad-looking budgerigars in their cage. You can’t leave them locked up for 3 weeks? I opened the door. Let them really let off steam, just like all the neighbours. All full crap and the wallpapers nibble. They have earned it! I will also leave them outside at night.

After that I looked around for the different plants, everything looked like I got described. In the kitchen the pot was ready for the water and bit by bit I filled the flower pots with the exact quantities according to the strict order. Sir Sergeant Sir!

In the spacious kitchen stood beside the dinette a canapé, how could it be otherwise, with 2 pillows on it. One was neatly clamped in the corner with accurate dog ears, the other was sloppily lying on the side. That didn’t fit at all! Not in this licked apartment. Not that I would be held responsible in the end for this catastrophic disorder? 30 push-ups, Sir Sergeant Sir! Not for punishment, just for practice, sir!

Raised the pillow, punched the dog’s ears with the edge of his hand, just wanted to clamp it in the corner. But underneath it, a strange structure came to light. Elongated, carelessly wrapped in kitchen paper. At first I didn’t think anything of it, wrapped the object out of the wrapping unsuspectingly. Curiosity is not a purely female predisposition. Then I had to laugh out loud. Very loud! No problem, with all the building noise in the house.

Roch at the object. He held it against the window. Undoubtedly used. So that was the reason why the taxi driver had to wait in front of the house. A dildo! Now I knew definitely: Also this suggestion had anchored itself. Only what did the poor woman then do on vacation? Oh, Egypt, the land of young men and the pompous dream of all single women, there will be something for her?

I covered up my tracks and left everything exactly as it was.

My curiosity remained aroused. You don’t do that, I’m ashamed of it too, but I went into the bedroom again. Spechtelte carefully into the cupboards. At first glance, however, only laundry and clothing. With razor-sharp creases, folded to the millimeter, stacked at right angles to 90.00 degrees. But it was to be assumed that there was still something there. Which is nothing to me, nevertheless interested. Purely official, of course, for my therapeutic activity. Hüstel

I found what I was looking for in the bedside table next to the bed. The lower drawer, the larger one, was filled to the brim. In the most gaudy colors the most different woman toys. I did not go in there for too long, although probably everything is scrupulously washed and disinfected. My curiosity was satisfied and the rest is none of my business anymore. Actually, it was my fault.

Every second day I watered the flowers and fed the birds. In the meantime they made a very happy impression and fluttered around with acrobatic flight interludes across the apartment into all the rooms. Just as satisfied as the neighbours all seemed.

The three weeks were over much too quickly. She stood in front of my apartment door, not without pointing the neighbors up on the way to me, who were still using a drill after 7 pm. She seemed as aggressive as before, took the key, no thanks or anything. She instructed me that I left the birds unattended and that therefore on their walls and plants substantial nibbling traces were caused, on all shelves excrement lies. Yes, and did I think so? They are birds, they do that.

She still complained about how dirty it was on holiday on the ship and how unfriendly especially the male staff was. What can I do? What had now happened again? Had I failed as a therapist?

But then it dawned on me! Inside I had to laugh while I mimed the affected person and praised improvement. On cruise ships the colloquial language is English. In the meantime, her behaviour has adapted to my suggestion in such a way that she could no longer manage without the trigger.

No wonder, I thought to myself, because whenever you open the front door you first pass the notice board. And what does it say in big letters? On the calendar? The following resident has KEHRWOCHE. Every time you check petty, and you do that daily, whether the respective resident has ticked off his duties on the calendar, then you read the word KeHRWoche. Then 3 weeks in English followed on vacation. Drought time like in the deserts next to the pyramids.

I wanted to break off this unfortunate discussion in front of my apartment door, after she had obviously not yet studied the calendar, she must have come up to me directly with only a small detour via her apartment. I don’t want to palaver with this woman, that’s so unfortunate, that’s why I took it to my ultimate liberation blow:

“Mrs. Krause, for this I have especially conscientiously monitored the K e r w o c h e.”

The hoped-for behavior occurred immediately, she took her key impatiently and disappeared almost instantly. Hopefully she still has enough batteries at home. Now that she was certainly busy with herself, I began further reflection. I recognized: So her regular hormonal balance was the key to her balance.

I urgently needed to reinstate her in practice if the peace of the house was to be saved, i.e. the next sessions (hypnosis) and the suggestion to make her behaviour more independent of the trigger to anchor a certain regularity in her life. What is appropriate for a woman of her age? Once or twice a week? Or even daily, wasn’t she the most balanced? I would think of something else. The next few days she was hardly seen or heard. What would vibrator be called in Egyptian? Chalama Fützgerüttel?

To my surprise it was Frau Krause who had already arranged an appointment with my receptionist. I instructed her to make an exception in this difficult case and to insert it instead of the lunch break. My colleague applied to the health insurance company for an extension some time ago, but an official doctor should now agree to this. Dangerous, given my unfair suggestion! Peace at home, however, must be saved at all costs. So, collecting box in the house after all? Or play holy Samaritan and pay on it?

Mrs. Krause came to the practice only 3 days later. Normally appointments last 8-12 weeks. Except for private patients. She was surprisingly dressed up: The dress unusually fleet, the hair thoroughly straightened and the shoes extremely elegant. She really looked cheerful, she spoke softly, she played the flute.

“Mr. Kurt, I can’t help myself, but I can’t get rid of the impression they’re doing me good! They radiate such calm to me and whenever I walk out of here and come home I feel soo much better! Do you have a magic hand?”

“No, only good grades in my vocational diploma.”

And you’ll always read the calendar on the bulletin board first, I thought.

“It can’t be that alone, can it?”

“I don’t do anything else like my colleagues.” I better not tell her more details! “They are now in the spiral for good. They recognize the improving effect, feel confirmed in their behavior. That is the whole secret. What do their abdominal pains do?

“So on vacation they came back, but since I’m home again the complaints are blown away. Maybe that has something to do with them after all?”

Careful, Kurt! Danger! A patient must never hold your person responsible for their recovery, but only your function, your office. You must direct their gratitude to science, away from your person!

“I don’t think so. They are simply a good example that hypnosis works very well. That’s not always the case, but it helps with them. That pleases me and confirms our therapy, every other therapist would do the same in their case.”

“And when do they hypnotize me again?

What is that now? I got a little suspicious.

“Do you think it is necessary? Do you want to deepen or change your suggestion? Do they have a concrete suggestion? I asked lurking.

“Can’t they deepen what they have done with me even more? So that it works forever? That I don’t have to be afraid anymore that it will ever go away? Not even on holiday?”

Oh, that’s why the wind blows. She has already combined connections herself. I pondered.

“All forever is difficult. We can deepen the suggestion and the time intervals will continue to stretch automatically, but occasionally they would have to come by again.”

“Can’t we do that at home? Then they’d make an appointment and I’d save myself the trouble of coming here.”

That’s exactly what you have to avoid!

“My oath of office does not allow that. We must strictly separate our work from our private life. When you come into practice you can be sure that you will get professional help (at least most of the time). At home it blurs too much. Imagine you would be disturbed by a percussion drill. I can certainly come for a cup of tea, but not for treatment. There are also legal reasons for this.”

And with my receptionist in front of the treatment room, I have a witness or a rescuer in case of need, who could intervene with pepper spray in particularly crazy patients. I didn’t say that to Frau Krause.

“But other doctors also make house calls,” she replied. “You are a doctor, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Doctor Psych. Not Doctor Med. And you’re not bedridden.”

Mrs. Krause seemed a little disappointed. “Then do it like this, Mr. Kurt. She adjusted her body in the cuddly armchair and with the remote control, returned the backrest to what was comfortable for her. At the same time the legs are raised, just like at home in front of the TV. Only my armchair has no massage function so as not to distract the patient.

She closed her eyes, relaxed. I wasn’t that relaxed, but it was something else. Reminded me of my work. Began my introductory meditative mantras with a monotonous voice. Then she continued with the introduction into the actual trance. Then, as always, she lay totally detached in her armchair. Only she tilted the backrest this time much lower than usual. That irritated me. Before one begins one lets the patient rest in the trance, find the way into the subconscious. Meanwhile I examined them.

Because she drove so far down this time, almost to the end position, her already short skirt slipped a little and let the lace embroidered edges of fine stockings suspect, the wafer-thin fabric shone Matt and emphasized the contour of her legs. In addition she wore quite daring pumps, matching the quite charming dress.

The dress was generously cut out at the top. Gravity had a slight effect on her breasts, her bra seemed to support from below and to form sideways. Her medium bust therefore swollen further into the neckline. PushUp the other way around, so to speak. If she can’t be such a nasty broom, you’d like to take a second look. Her face was elaborately made up, her hair freshly dyed. One did not see any approach to the natural tone on the scalp.

I pulled myself together, remembered my professional assignment. I deliberately looked at my clipboard on my knees. Although the other would also be pleasant to look at. Formulated in thoughts the new suggestion how I wanted to avoid the trigger in the future. Wrote down my thoughts on the form, because I still have to be able to derive the same suggestion in half a year. With so many patients, it would be easy to forget.

This time, however, hypnosis seemed to get out of hand. I accidentally mentioned the trigger once or twice by name, even if the rest of the new suggestion is completely different. As I mentioned the trigger, a jerk went through her body and she stiffened. She picked up her lateral arms and put them down in her crotch.

At first I watched the change with concern, but continued with my monotonous voice. One repeats the suggestions several times in different formulations. It is like an attempt to pray something to someone, you want to convince someone and it should be memorized. Our subconscious doesn’t work much differently than our everyday memory.

But now something worrying has happened. Frau Krause slowly pulled her skirt up with her fingers, it wasn’t much cloth that covered her thighs anymore. I continued in a monotone voice, but watched my patient. First I saw that she was actually wearing fine stockings on brackets, then I realized that a slip was missing. She exposed her shame. She wore a white suspender belt, at whose holders the fine stockings were fastened and the pussy deliciously framed.

No naked vulva, but the pubic hair carefully trimmed. Probably trimmed to a swimsuit. She began to feel herself and wanded herself something in the armchair. You’d expect some strange complications, but that went too far for me. She pulled her heels against her thighs and opened her legs wide. The labia began to gape slightly and access to herself was made easier. With a bent hand she pressed a finger into the juicy crevice and moaned. The typical smell of wet pussy waberte around my desk.

Mrs. Krause begins to masturbate with the trigger >Kehrwoche< actually before me. Damn, that’s what I got out of it. I could end the trance immediately, but that’s dangerous. Sometimes patients get flashbacks later.

But what would it look like if she suddenly woke up on her own because her super-ego shakes her awake? She would have lost her face and I would be under a terrible suspicion. So it’s better to let the trance run out on its own, usually after 20 or 25 minutes anyway, where the patients slide into a regular sleep and can be safely awakened afterwards. The suggestions thus remain firmly anchored. I would then also have some time to sort myself out mentally and her clothing, to think about it in peace and to face her unbiasedly when I say goodbye.

Her masturbation became more and more violent. With pressed lips she began to moan. I wondered whether I should bring in my receptionist as a witness or activate the video camera. You don’t want to believe how you can suddenly get completely unexpectedly under stress.

A crazy violent offender is a concrete danger that you have to defend yourself against. We already had everything. After that there are usually no complications to be expected, because it is known that the violent offender is and therefore was in treatment. Investigations will be stopped in my favour.

This, on the other hand, is something that can quickly lead to anger. I felt a little helpless and overwhelmed. What to do? Call my assistant or just sit out? At least Frau Krause remained quiet enough.

Meanwhile two fingers were stuck in her crypt and with the other hand she maltreated her clitoris quite violently. She rolled around in the armchair, only the high backrests prevented her from falling to the ground. I got up, walked up and down the room a little helplessly. That I had now from my little meanness, so the karma strikes back.

Frau Krause folded together a few times like a pocket knife and then worked her clitoris even harder. She pressed with two fingers directly on the bud and circled nimbly. Then these fingers held still and instead she began to push herself into the tomb with her other two fingers. A slobbering smacking sound spread throughout the room, like a Saint Bernard shaking his head. Only the Schlonze didn’t splash around like that, most of it probably ran down her dam and seeped into her skirt. Hopefully there are no stains in my leather armchair.

I stood bewildered above her head and looked down at her body. Actually she has become a pleasant appearance, especially if you know her from the past. The difference is incredible.

But what should I do? How long will that last? Frau Krause raged herself unrestrained on her body. Her breasts trembled from the violent movements of her arms. Just quietly enough that nothing could be heard outside, my assistant probably phoned privately again anyway. She does that mostly during the sessions.

At least the wet slobbering stopped again and only the fingers of the Clit circled. She cramped strangely, panting greedily for air. It was to be guessed that the thing would lead to a good end for her. Frau Krause interrupted briefly, collected herself breathing heavily. For a while she gently stroked herself with both hands at her crotch.

Then followed the finale. Both hands became rabatively active, the thrusting fingers into the slit and the rubbing fingers on the clit. Amazing what women can endure there, as a man I would never go so vehemently. She bit her own lower lip, waved herself like an eel on a fish hook, wriggled her feet. Fortunately just quiet enough. She hit her head backwards against the backrest a couple of times and her hairstyle was a little tousled.

At last her body became completely limp again, she literally melted in the armchair like ice in the sun. She continued to breathe violently, but stretched her legs and laid her hands on the pelvic blades. I looked at my telephone, the lamp of the administrative line flashed, so my receptionist telephoned as expected.

With pointed fingers I carefully pulled the skirt a little tighter over her thighs, as far as her laid down hands would allow. Then I stepped up to the window and looked out. Man, why does this have to happen to me? I remembered the shortest doctor’s joke: a woman comes to the doctor.

Behind me in the room, life suddenly came into the office. I was scared again. Normally she would have to sleep for 10-20 minutes until I would awaken her! Actually it should have dawned on me that something was wrong.

“Boah, that was good!” Frau Krause drove the back up, stood up, the skirt finally slipped over the thighs again. But not further, because it was simply too short. She stroked her dress smooth, lifted completely openly before me her slipped breasts above by the neckline of the dress again neatly into the bowls of the bra.

“Well, Mr. Kurt, how did you like the little spectacle? My jaw folded down. “They had made me happy enough with it the last few months.”

Suddenly it became clear to me that she was just playing her trance to me. She continued:

“On the ship on vacation there was a show hypnotist during a magic gala. Because I knew that it worked well for me, I volunteered. He talked to me after the performance, because he suspected that I was pre-injured. He hypnotized me again in his cabin and said that I have a trigger. He could not do anything with it, because it is in a language foreign to him. But he definitely confirmed that there was something else. As I came home and so suddenly an extreme change occurred again I could make my rhyme for it. What do you say now, Mr. Kurt?” They asked slightly triumphantly.

Shit! Caught! The maximum embarrassment of unprofessionality. I had to force myself not to derail my facial features. That could give real trouble if it takes an official way and comes out. She put her hand on my arm soothingly.

“But I’m not a bit angry about it. Because despite everything, they helped me so much. A lot has changed for me.”

Poohhh! I saw some light at the end of the dark and hoped it wasn’t the ICE shooting out of the tunnel.

“My problem now is that I can’t find a man.”

I didn’t think anything bad yet. “I can introduce them gladly times my male unmarried circle of acquaintances, if that helps them what?

“Well, they are also single and not as much younger as I am?

I was frightened, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. We are neighbours and also involved in business”.

“They got me into my sex addiction and now they want to steal themselves cheaply from the responsibility?

“It’s not quite like that. I left a suggestion so that they could relax their abdomen and get rid of their pain. That worked.”

“And they build me a trigger for that? Kehrwoche? The hypnotist didn’t understand the language, but he wrote it down for me. I understand this language very well!

Damn! Now it’s out. I was hoping to be able to get out of it somehow until just now.

“So what do you suggest, Mrs Krause?”

“I suggest we transfer my further therapy to my apartment. I have a comfortable couch and a suitable seat for her next to it.” “I suggest that we move my further therapy to the apartment.

Immediately I remembered the wrapped dildo under the pillow. But she should have cleaned it up by now?

I agreed to be a little sheepish. “Yes well, I will clean up her subconscious. For her, of course, free of charge.”

“They shouldn’t undo it but consolidate it in my sense.”

“Or that, as they like.”

“Are they coming to dinner tonight at 7:00?”

“If you want, Frau Krause.” I said guilty.

How she finally turned and walked a big wet spot became visible on her backside. Hopefully my assistant wouldn’t notice!

For the rest of the day I had all appointments cancelled and released my receptionist to reduce overtime. She probably looked at me that something was wrong. I was totally up in the wind and walked through the park for an hour. Then I grabbed my phone in the practice, finally not permanently occupied, called an old fellow student. One who can keep his mouth shut. He wondered something about my call. After a short description he laughed loudly.

“Now you have a problem.

“I fear that too. What would you do in my place?

“Is she pretty?”

“Pretty, well. Attractive in any case.” “Pretty, well.

“Do you have a partner?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Then what’s there to think about? You have to go through that now! Flag over “s face and then ride for Germany!” Again the cheerful laughter.

“You were a great help to me.”

“You can also ask our old professor?”

“So that he can ride me in at the Medical Association?”

“Riding. That was the keyword! That nasty laugh again. “I was happy to hear from you, get back to me!”

“I will.”

I looked at the clock. Thought me excuses. The best would be probably if I consider the desired suggestion this time particularly well, this with the Krause as demanded in the subconscious deposit and if sometime my traces are blurred I can make myself yes from the dust. Maybe I can build into a second suggestion that you don’t get involved with your therapists? If someone else poached in their psyche again. To get free in my head I walked the 6 kilometres home on foot.

In the stairwell, I looked at my watch. Shit. 18.30 o’clock. Maybe I should take a shower. I was walking a lot today. I smelled under my armpit. Or is that fear sweat? Nobody lurked for me in the stairwell, the apartment downstairs was brightly lit throughout. Never mind. Eyes closed and through. I have to get rid of the trigger completely in her and then nobody can do anything for me anymore, then she can slide down my hump.

19 o’clock. I rang with a dull feeling in my stomach down at the door. Nobody else in the house rings this doorbell voluntarily. One can still have studied so long about the processes in the head and body, if it is so far it hits one like every other citizen also. Hands become cold and tremble, knees become soft.

Frau Krause opened the door, pulled me jerkily by the sleeve into the apartment. The birds fluttered around my head as if to greet me. So has anything happened? She looked around the hallway again to see if anyone had seen me, and hastily closed the door. Yes, if you spy on everyone else for years? She led me into the kitchen.

In the hallway I had the first opportunity to look at her. She wore a very festive dark grey dress, nestled elastically around her body on her upper body, her shoulders free, her skirt long up to her ankles, but very wide slit at the sides. A wafer-thin black pantyhose shimmered through. Or were these the edges of stockings that became visible at the end of the slits with every step? The wedge heels of half-height mules staked quietly on the tiled floor. I loosened my shirt collar a little with my index finger.

Something had visibly changed in the apartment. It was still neat, but no longer clinical. On the canapé in the kitchen the two pillows lay carelessly in their corners. One of the birds sat on my shoulder as if he knew whom he had to thank for his liberation. At least he felt free!

The table was already open, the kitchen was largely illuminated by a large candleholder, only under the tall cupboard above the hotplates there was a work lamp. Gentle bagpipe music sounded from the living room like in a department store. Frau Krause chattered trivial stuff, I only agreed politely.

On the one hand I was somewhat impressed, because I had not been cooked for years. Modern emancipated women can be taken to expensive restaurants, especially if they have a doctor at the table. However, who has to live largely from patients with health insurance, I don’t have as much net as my receptionist. The only advantage is: Independent. Your own boss. If the women notice then that the money does not come with me from the copier then the interest diminishes always quite fast again. “Doctor, no woman takes me seriously. The next please!

The food was actually really delicious. Homemade roulades with dumplings and red cabbage. The ambience was also pleasant. Even the sight of her was delightful, she had gotten up to her feet with a lot of effort. But the whole time she was eating she was looking for eye contact and sometimes I suspected that her feet were as close to me as my own under the table. I ignored it as much as possible. I deliberately kept the topic of conversation superficial and avoided the word Kehrwoche in panic at all costs. There was even dessert: chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce.

The food reconciled me a little, she had really tried hard. That flatters me a little. At some point the food and the topic of conversation ran out.

“Do we still want to hypnotize?” I asked. The trigger had to be erased. This certainly won’t work for the first time, but the sooner we start the better for me.

“I’d love to, that’s why they’re here!” But I don’t have a chair as comfortable as yours. If you ever make a house call, can I also be bedridden? Only because of the style, the suitable ambience!

O-oooohhhhh! Creator, let this cup pass me by!

“Whatever you say, Frau Krause. The main thing is that you can relax.”

On the way to the bedroom she fetched an office chair from a small chamber (which I also use as an office upstairs, by the way; the apartments are all cut identically) and pushed it clattering through the hallway.

“Why do they still call me Frau Krause? I am Mareike!”

She gave me her hand and looked at me piercingly with her dark eyes. I normally use that to create conscious distance. But in this case….

“Good. I’m Kurt. Without helmet and without belt. Simply Kurt.

She laughed. “I always thought that was your last name?”

“No. My parents come from Romania. You definitely can’t pronounce my last name. Nobody can do that here. Also because of the many prejudices in society I present it that way.”

“Nice to meet you, Kurt! That’s why you have such fiery eyes and tinted skin. The racy gypsy is still sharpening? I always thought that was solarium?”

“Do you see? Prejudices! I said a little sobered. If only I had kept my mouth shut.

She only switched on a dim light, reached under the mattress in the bedroom, placed a grid of the double bed underneath upwards. He moved the office chair close to the bed. Exaggeratedly lascivious she sat down on the mattress, so theatrically, with her bottom stretched out far and wide and so on. Then she leaned against the set up mattress, lost her mules from her feet and looked at me expectantly. The skirt flowed between her legs as far as the side slits would allow, there was plenty of leg room. Beautifully swung and by the tender shimmer of the pantyhose excitingly emphasized. The red lacquered toenails reflected through the delicate pantyhose. I shouldn’t see anything like that!

“But this time no more fibs with the trance! I warned them, “I’ll check it out!”

“And you won’t play tricks on me anymore, I’ll have it checked again next vacation.”

We both had to grin.

“So Frau Krause, äähh Mareike, which way do you want to go?” I tried to pull the mood into serious.

“Actually everything is good as it is at the moment. I just want to be more attractive for men so that I don’t have to serve myself any longer. You know what I mean! I just want a normal regular sex life. Without tantalizingly long breaks and surprises in the stairwell! She looked at me reproachfully.

And I guiltily bowed my head. Where she is right… In my thoughts I thought about a new suggestion. Very cautious and conservative. Difficult with this topic. I must strengthen her self-confidence as a woman. So that she has a better charisma for men. So that she gets a sense of achievement with men and no longer pushes old fears of rejection in front of her. And above all the trigger must be deleted under all circumstances!

“Mareike, you close your eyes now and listen only to my voice. Nothing else is more important than my voice. You get tired and everything around you becomes quiet. Your legs become light, your arms become light. Your torso relaxes, your breathing slows down. You glide into a comforting sleep.”

This time I watched her closely. Not another cheat. Her elastic dress snuggled so tightly around her breasts that you could follow the heartbeat. Also at her slender neck the pulse was through. Good! Then I will use this as an indicator.

“Your breathing will be slow and deep. Your arms become light, your legs become light, your whole body becomes light, you feel nothing but calm and inner peace. It gets dark before your eyes, your mind becomes free, everyday life is unimportant. You remember your chi, the warm point in the middle of your body. All your energy collects in one point. Your hands float above your thighs.”

This mantra is adapted to the respective patient in different experiments until you have found the most effective one. Then I repeated several times monotonously until her breathing and pulse rate visibly decreased. If someone is used to being hypnotized it becomes easier, because his consciousness is already waiting to glide into trance.

The last sentence with the hands is also such a trick to test the trance. No one can keep their arms awake for longer than a certain period of time, nor can women with slender arms. Only in trance can they do this forever. That gives a bearish aching muscles, but in this case I wanted to be sure. At some point their hands began to float as if by magic and, just to be on the safe side, I waited a few more minutes. Fits! This time her trance is real and deep enough. From now on you can deposit the suggestion.

“Mareike, you are an attractive woman. You are proud of your body. You know that men adore you. You know what you have to offer. No man wants to resist you. You don’t need a push from the outside to feel like sex to be happy. No word from the household will change you any more. In the future you will actively approach men, you will have success, with men you will become happy. You completely ignore words from the household, you will only pay attention to the reactions of men to you. The reactions of men will guide you in your actions and in your satisfaction. You forget the masturbation in my practice, you forget all the triggers that could influence you externally”.

This is repeated more often. In different formulations, but always in the same sense. Nothing may contradict itself in suggestion and stand against its general character. The whole thing so often until one notices that the depth of the trance diminishes. In her case now by lowering the hands and otherwise the typical breathing rhythm of a normally sleeping. You let the patient rest for a while until you are absolutely sure that he is only sleeping normally or that he is in a shallow trance.

Afterwards, hypnosis is conducted through words and the patient is awakened. It is important to slowly return the hypnosis, because if you suddenly start someone out of a trance he can sometimes get flashbacks later on. All in all, such a thing normally lasts between 20-25 minutes, rarely it can last up to 45 minutes.

“Mareike, you feel your hands again and your legs. Your body gets heavier, you want to see and hear. You are interested in your surroundings. You feel rested. You like to open your eyes and want to wake up.”

This is also repeated until the patient opens his eyes on his own. As a rule, they really feel very good afterwards, because it is very similar to a restful short office sleep on the desk top. Some officials may know this. Only if you dig deep into your subconscious mind to read out terrible, long forgotten memories can it have the same effect as after a nightmare. Her suggestion, however, was positive.

Mareike opened her eyes, needed a moment to orientate herself. Then she looked at me with an incredibly deep look and smiled. Because her eyes were so strong and darkly made up it seemed doubly violent. She looked really happy.

“Oh Kurt, you are such a darling! Whenever I wake up with you I am well and I am full of confidence!

“That would be like that with every therapist.

“But I only know you! She sat down straight, swung her legs with pointed toes gracefully over the mattress. Her knees touched my thighs, the soft skirt slipped far between her legs. Again, reinforced stocking edges were visible at the walking slits. Stockings or panty part of pantyhose? None of my business! She put her hands on my leg and kept looking at me deeply. “If I only knew how I could repay you?”

“Don’t you have to! Your health insurance already does that!

Notlüge. I’ve been paying on it for a long time because of my own stupidity. I tried to move the office chair away from the bed. She held on to the backrest, so I only turned to her. She moved up until she only sat slightly with her buttocks on the edge, pushed my knees apart and placed her legs between mine. From now on I would have had to free myself with emphasis and would have rolled her possibly over the toes. I still thought I could handle the situation. The pepper spray would have been in practice anyway.

“Kurt, you are really very sympathetic to me. And you almost never had a lady visitor, at least rarely overnight.” Aha! I thought so. Did they always have to document their access to you on punch cards? “Didn’t you ever yearn for a female body? Something cuddling and cuddling or even more? Much more?

But if necessary, there are ladies with a migration background in the industrial area. Of course I don’t take them home with me, but I have the comfortable armchair in my practice. Without stains so far! Because I still speak some Romanian, I get good prices and reasonable service from the appropriate ladies. I then always pretend to be the caretaker of the practice who wants to wipe out his boss in order to avoid complications.

“Mareike, I’m so busy professionally that I hardly have time for anything else. And I usually very conscientiously separate work from private life.”

She ignored this clear indication.

“Oh what! Every man has needs! She stood up briefly, took two steps left and right of my chair and sat down on my lap. The chair was deeply springy. Mareike snake her arms around my neck and pressed her bust against my chest like a snake. Our faces came very close, I felt her warm hectic breath on my cheeks. Somewhat awkwardly I put my hands on the side of her pelvis. “Kurt, what about you? Don’t you want to feel some closeness to me?

“It is undoubtedly not unpleasant. But is it also right?”

“It’s right when we want it. You want it too, don’t you? Or what do I feel?”

Mareike circled gently with the cymbal. Cursed, caught! Only now I became aware of my half-mast is the linen trousers. What can you say? Of course that doesn’t leave me unimpressed. Although she is a bit older than me, she has really got out the last weeks, compared to last year she has become a real sweeper. She used to be very pretty. If I remember her daughter when she moved out then you can perhaps guess how much. But it must not be! Not from the frying pan into the fire. The circling of the basin did not stop. That does not rub the breasts either.

“Kurt! She breathed into my face. “Don’t dissuade me now! Show me that you think I am an attractive woman! You know me only as an unfriendly furie but I can be completely different. I would so much wish to show you that too. You have awakened it in me, you shall be the first to feel it”.

Mareike didn’t wait any longer. Her slender arms stretched around my neck, the pressure of her breasts became stronger, her lips lay on mine. Very gently, very lovingly. My first real kiss in years, because you can’t kiss the ladies from the trade. Sometimes you don’t want that at all. All the more surprised I was about their sensual approaches.

Of course, that’s exactly what I had in mind as a suggestion. But did that have to be with me of all people? How do you formulate a 30-minute waiting period into a suggestion? I just don’t want any more problems!

Her tongue pushed gently into my mouth. I let my hands slide from the pelvis to the thighs, felt the delicate crackling stockings on my leg. With my fingers I drove something into the walking slits. Pantyhose! But so of tenderly.

From then on it had happened to me. I returned the kiss. Increasingly impetuous. Had forgotten how beautiful a kiss can be when a woman smells like pudding from her mouth and not like 4 loads of sperm or condom lubricant. My hands slid up her upper body under her armpits. Mareike sweated slightly, but was hairless there. I pulled the shoulder-free elastic dress over her breasts down.

No bra. The bust size medium, exactly one hand full. Relatively firm. I let the humps glide through my hands and played something with the thumbs at the hard nipples, she moaned me in the mouth inside. It grabbed me more and more. From the humps my hands wandered into her hair. Relatively much hair spray prevented my urge to rummage. So I played with her ears and the little ear studs.

With the tips of her toes Mareike pushed us backwards together with the office chair to the edge of the bed and let herself fall backwards jerkily, with her arms wrapped around my neck. If I hadn’t helped a little with my feet at that moment, we would have landed on the floor because of the chair rolling away. So I plumped with full weight on her body. The mouths sucking connected.

Mareike pushed her hands between our bodies and began to open my pants. I rolled sideways beside her, so she got my pants better open and I could grab her under the skirt over a long detour via her stomach and pelvis. Wow! You don’t have to take these pantyhose off! Her breasts stayed upright even when lying down. Respect, at this age!

Normally I don’t like it so hasty. Even with ladies from the trade I usually book at least one, if not even two hours. It is affordable, since Eastern Europe is in the EU and self-employed people are allowed to work here without any problems. The only one where the euro is still worth something. The pressure came from Mareike, she was in such a hurry.

In order to wipe my trousers properly I had to get up again. Mareike used this to take off her dress and pepper it in the corner. Her pantyhose had a clearly visible stitched opening in the crotch. Not big, but the color of her pubic hair, already known from the afternoon, was clearly visible in the dim light and the entrance was therefore easy to estimate.

I lay down next to her and wanted to explore her appetising body with my hands. But Mareike pulled me over herself. With a controlling grip she checked the hardness of my Schwengels, which was fully swollen because of the beautiful kiss. Pure! Only pure with it, was her unmistakable message. What was I supposed to resist now? I put on, her pussy dripped only so before slime. Only two, three times to press and I stuck in her warm abdomen. She didn’t seem particularly tight, normal for a woman with a child.

The moment I was inside her, she went quiet again. She took my head in her hands and continued the tender kiss. With much movement of the lips and little tongue. Now we came in the direction I liked. I am not such a buck, I like more the sensual. Only easily I circled with my tail in it that the thing could sit down so correctly full.

Increasingly I could displace the woman Krause in thoughts and get used to Mareike. The commercial contacts let it happen over itself, Mareike wanted it absolutely and she wanted to please thereby! With unbelievable commitment she wanded herself under me, rubbed our bodies together, her hands stroked me, seemed to be everywhere. I concentrated on a few places on her body that turned me on especially. These include, for example, her crunchy humps. The hairspray rather disturbed me.

At some point she began to wiggle her pelvis, prompting me to do so. Already clear what she wanted! As I did not react fast enough in her opinion she rolled around me with momentum, helped me with her hand on the mattress, with some legs she suddenly sat on me to sort out, without having lost my tail from her hole. Now I got shown what was expected!

To stay in the jargon of my fellow student: It was the ride to Idaho.

With impressive vehemence she rode on me. I had been abstinent again for one or two weeks and my tail was a little bit hypersensitive, her womb tickled on my glans, so deep she rammed my device into her stomach. That didn’t go well for long!

After just a few minutes the cream bubbled up and landed deep in her grotto. Unfortunately it wasn’t a real orgasm for me, not for her anyway, and I was a little ashamed of the early effusion. With a buyable lady one can be completely indifferent to such a thing. But here I have to pass the door at least twice a day and it took me something like ambition.

She laid down her upper body as she felt the slackening in her, just in time before the noodle could bend in front of the entrance. Thus my device remained warm and damp enclosed. Mareike took up again without a comment an intensive schmusen on. I left her stuck, stroked her back and neck, wanted to show her that for me was not yet over.

The thing in her belly didn’t really swell but came back into shape after a few minutes of intensive kissing. We could fuck directly further. Her ride picked up speed again, our mouths separated, she straightened up her upper body. So I had full access to her breasts. Very appetizing, I have to admit! And she could drive the pole more energetically into her abdomen.

Now I held out. At least enough. It started to be fun. Soon a human closeness also developed. Not love or such nonsense. But something like affection. She made me happy, gave me the feeling of being able to offer something as a man. She showed me her joy of sex quite openly, gave herself up. Expressed her desire also verbally and by noises. Yes, that brings a great sense of achievement for a man.

I already had the second high point with her together. I just lay there, she rode on me and I had nothing else to do but to play with these beautiful little humps. She apparently felt exactly how far I was and timed her orgasm with correspondingly intense movements on me.

The last trigger she created with direct short irritation of her clit with a finger. An extremely energetic experience which can connect very emotionally for a moment. I did not get so much from her orgasm because mine was quite violent. But her breathless mood afterwards revealed a lot about the processes in this woman’s body. It didn’t look like colic or menstrual pain anymore. On the contrary! She rose from me, snuggled up to me from the side. As if we had been a couple for many years.

It didn’t feel like an affair. It all seemed so familiar, so natural. She whispered a few pigtails into my ear, started playing with my cock again after a sufficient rest. Gently and empathetically, without any pressure. Like a loving partner. Her physical engagement was much greater than mine. I was still struggling with scruples, especially where my first pressure had escaped and I was getting more to think about.

She simply wiped these concerns with gentle kneading aside and with rising latte my concerns reciprocally sank. As my thing was hard enough she pulled me over herself and the following number became very loving. With slow shocks and a lot of cuddling. I actually started to feel something like security. Unthinkable if you knew this woman from before.

This fuck I felt almost like at the beginning with my then girlfriend. Like a loving couple. We fucked long and slowly, it stood more our mouths in the foreground. In the meantime she no longer smelled like pudding, but still pleasant. Again and again I had to consciously override my feelings, otherwise I would have inadvertently sworn my love to her at that moment. She had lulled me so!

She came as the first under me. Her climax was not as fulminant as her first. She wallowed under me, melted on the mattress. To my surprise she didn’t let herself hang limply, but pinched her muscles together at the bottom, which is why I had to penetrate her with a lot of pressure afterwards. That seemed to prolong her climax a bit and definitely triggered mine. I had never felt so much sophistication before! I looked at her in amazement, sweat ran into my eyes and burned easily.

At that moment she seemed to me like the most beautiful woman in the world. Mareike smiled at me. Satisfied. I let the tail swell down in her, put my pelvis so that I did not slip if possible. I was deeply satisfied for the first time in years. Emotionally balanced. We quietly whispered a few pleasantries in our faces, caressed each other gently. Because of me it could have ended here for the evening.

I’d hate to admit it. But it was a real century fuck, full of devotion and completely taboo of Frau Krause. A real experience when a woman can let herself fall without reservation. Without any inhibition. When she just wants to have fun and give fun to her partner! Something like that can really be addictive. Not a lie, there were a total of four numbers for me that evening. Absolute personal record!

With the last number I didn’t believe any more that it will be anything, but by her patient mouth together with persevering sucking and sucking he came up again. And I held on forever! It wasn’t enough for me to reach a climax, but Mareike came on me like an earthquake twice. Where did this woman get this energy from? At some point he collapsed and I was completely exhausted, my foreskin wound rubbed.

Mareike fought her way down from me with stiff legs, rolled herself together like an embryo, finally fell asleep deeply satisfied, smiled blissfully even while asleep. She stank totally of pussy and sperm. And I got terrible scruples! A doctor and a patient in bed together is much worse than a dubious trigger. Shit, what did I get myself into again? At least not in the practice.

With a bad conscience I covered her up, collected my clothes, dressed myself quietly in the hallway. When the apartment door opened a crack, I listened out. Dark. Only a few television sets mumbled into the stairwell. I quietly pulled the door into the castle and crept up the stairs on tiptoes.

Only in my apartment under the shower did I realize the whole dilemma. My foreskin burned under the soap. My limbs all hurt, there would be probably the largest muscle ache of all times. 4 hours fuck! And I have never had such beautiful, passionate sex with a woman in my life. Not even with the woman at that time claimed she was my girlfriend. Slowly the tension dropped and I had to grin actually. The pipe fucked sore! When did I have something like this in my life? And actually Mareike is still quite respectable, especially very active for her age! If only there were not the stupid regulations!

This continued on a regular basis over the next few months. Every time again I decided that this would be the last time. I hypnotized her regularly to hide the damn trigger. A cheap excuse for longing to have sex with her.

Of course the neighbours noticed the radical change in Mrs Krause. It was also inevitable that I would be seen entering or leaving her apartment at some point. The neighbours said nothing. Some grinned. The incredible improvement in the house was tangible. After initial party excesses and renovation marathons it became calmer again by itself in the house, also without admonishing words of a house sergeant.

The stairwell was wiped as needed, the lawn around the house was mown once a month and whoever left the house first in the morning pushed away the snow in winter. German snow does not fall, it occupies the country. Mrs. Krause always said. There wasn’t even a calendar on the black board anymore. I gained a lot of weight, so I was fattened. Which I couldn’t get rid of because of the more than abundant and persevering sex with Mareike. Strangely enough she was able to keep her figure. I suppose she still masturbated a lot on the side.

The hypnosis sessions took place in the expected cycle, the dates were degressive. There remained the regular eating orgies in her kitchen and the excessive fucking orgies in Mareike’s bedroom. I never let her up to me, no idea why. Maybe then I would have had to clean up the kitchen or move in the bed fresh except as a rule. Or even worse: she would have tidied up with me! I still can’t stand domestic changes.

Then one day an unexpected turn: I passed her apartment after work, hesitated for a moment, then hurried to come by. The door was opened.

“Kurt, do you have a moment?”

For the first time in months she was waiting for me again. But she sounded relaxed.

“Sure, for you always!

I already had a hormone pregnant evening, but Mareike closed the apartment door behind me, stopped in the hallway in front of me. In a tight bathrobe and with sandals that were unusually high for her. The hair was tousled, the make-up untidy. I would have guessed she had been fucking until just a moment ago. Her mood seemed rather serious, she just spoke to me.

Mareike actually broke up with me at that moment because she found someone else. A young student from the neighbourhood, perhaps as old as her own daughter. I’ve seen him leave the apartment with a grin when I came home. Sometimes you could hear clear noises through the door when I took an afternoon off. Strangely enough that hardly touched me. Of course I can’t keep up with that. I don’t want anything either. Because the relationship with Mareike had increasingly burdened me. At last I didn’t dare to pass her front door again. Out of fear she could understand it as rejection.

Of course it was great to be cooked so tasty. Her body is handsome, she feels pleasant. The sex with Mareike was highly satisfying. But it became increasingly a compulsion. I like her, but I don’t love her. She is undoubtedly attractive, but not my type. So the Supermummy and the Supergirl. I also need my freedom, don’t want to have to fuck but when I have big nuts. After work, I also like to pull in a kebab standing up and not have to appear every time for a feast. What Mareike used to reject so much she is now taking.

“It’s the boy next door?”

“Yes. You just take it like that?”

“I’m trained to deal with conflict through professional channels.”

You don’t tell a woman when you’re happy that she’s breaking up, but play the affected person.

“You’re really mature, every woman wants a man like that.”

“You have also changed for the better. I am quite proud of you!

“Kurt, take me in your arms again. I will miss you.”

“Oh, come on, you found a very attractive replacement.”

“Yes!” Mareike said a little embarrassed. “He’s really still very potent, impetuous and insatiable.”

“And has a great body.” I added. Almost something insults the foreign potency to get so rubbed out.

“Yes, that too. But I owe you a lot. Let’s part for the better, let’s merge again, I want to see you go with a smile.”

Mareike took off her tight bathrobe in the hallway in front of me and let it slide to the ground. I didn’t want to at first. To dive into the foamy sea of another. Brrrr. Then I remembered. At the sight of the deliciously rounded female body. With the knowledge of what this body is capable of, how much pleasure this body can prepare. In the future I would again be dependent on the services of the friendly Romanian woman from the industrial area. Not really expensive, but not for nothing either. Especially not with so much fun! So let off steam again, then I would be busy again for two or three weeks?

She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. The bed rumpled, the window tilted to ventilate. Nevertheless one still smelled something. She looked at me so trustingly as if she felt sorry for the farewell. I looked at her body, at the high sandals on her feet. Yes, she has something! Mareike stepped on me and her mouth closed my lips. There it was again, that feeling that had tied me to her for months. A short moment I regretted that she did not fit as a partner. But she got out of hand more and more, who wants a sex addict as a girlfriend?

I didn’t want to cuddle her anymore, it’s just too confidential. But fucking is fine. I turned her away from me, pushed her onto the bed, she let herself fall down her tummy. I hurriedly took off my clothes and sat down halfway on them. Began with a gentle massage of her back. Mareike moaned softly. I stroked and massaged her on the entire back, recalling how many beautiful hours this wonderful body had given me. Kneaded gently over her neck, she nestled into my hand.

Only slowly I worked my way down to the back. Enjoyed her firm bottom, although it was slightly wider. It smacked quietly as I kneaded my ass. A suspicious smell came out of her crotch. Should I really? But asking for a condom now would also be silly.

Her gently curved legs, her hard calves. I didn’t know anything about her shoes that high. Maybe a preference of her new one? A young man also requires more effort? Or it simply came closer to her hidden interests? My stake stood up. I was happy to climb this handsome body again, which offered itself so expectantly. But into her pussy? Really? I knew only too well what she could accomplish for tricks with her crack. But it had enjoyed before me already another. What would be the alternative? One of her legendary blowjobs?

Again I looked down on her, while my hands enjoyed exploring the body. Almost some melancholy came up. But there was an alternative! It shot through my head at the sight of this delicious bottom. I wouldn’t have to be considerate anymore, this time I can be almost ruthless. Should I? May I? But what can happen except that she breaks off and sends me away? She can break up with me if she doesn’t like it.

I collected plenty of saliva in my mouth and clearly pulled her buttocks up. Mareike obeyed immediately and stretched her ass out far. Whether she also counted on what I actually intended? After all, this was one of the few things that hadn’t happened in our repertoire before. The first load of saliva wetted my tail. The second, bigger load I roped down into her rear sight between the buttocks. I put my tail on. Hurriedly Mareike lengthened around her bottom and wanted to lead me correcting.

I, on the other hand, put back exactly where I wanted. She surrendered to her fate and let her hand sink. It didn’t go quite as smoothly as otherwise then nevertheless immediately, it needed still two plentifully Batzen saliva and some drilling attempts, during which she jerked together several times. Then I was inside.

First only with the glans by the muscle penetrated I took up very slowly and carefully depth and intensity. Mareike pressed strongly against it with the erected bottom. Even if she did not seem enthusiastic, she endured it at least bravely. In front it was closely enclosed, to the rear it became rather warm and soft. Mareike still didn’t take any gentle posture. On the contrary, she reached under herself and started to play with one hand on her pussy.

I was as careful as in such a case possible. I wanted to have fun and not torture this woman. It was only an emergency solution, her great pussy would have been the far more delightful choice. But not under these unusual circumstances. It took a long time until I could go full depth and her irregular twitches failed. Even after that I remained cautious, but the attraction of the pole was not insignificant.

Her hand on the pussy worked increasingly rabiat, the loud smacking and the shaking in the abdomen was clearly to be felt. Also the smell became clearer. Fortunately, I increasingly lost attention to it, because my hormone levels rose rapidly. Because of the narrowness no hard pushing was necessary, my excitement increased increasingly. I clawed my hands into the slightly wider pelvis, went over the full length of the tail, when the friction became too big I clapped further saliva into the rear sight. Otherwise I still took care that she would have her fun, now it had become indifferent to me. She had made end!

In my basin it twitched, the bag tightened and the unmistakable sign of the discharge announced itself. Unfortunately it was no longer as beautiful as usual. But it was more than pleasant and always better than with any buyer. There was no reason to take me back, I let the sausage kettle run free, pressed deeply and discharged me quietly moaning into her abdomen. Waited until the twitch escaped from my body and the shrinking of the discharged dick began. The soft noodle slipped then also completely easily from the Kringelchen how Mareike with her basin on the bed lowered herself.

Did Mareike come? I can’t say. I didn’t care. In the future someone else will be responsible for her well-being. She didn’t say a word about the experience. She turned on her side, looked at me a little wistfully.

“So, goodbye Kurt.” Her voice sounded completely normal. Two sweating sticky bodies lay on the mattress, I wiped my tail turned away from her thoroughly into a small pillow. Was just about to raise me up. The stains over there in the sheet were definitely not from me. “We’ll meet more often, but only as neighbours.”

“It’s okay.” Now came the ultimate test: “And I promise you I’ll always stick to the sweep week”.

“What do I care about the sweep week?” She seemed completely cool. “I have one last wish, Kurt!” I sat at the edge of the mattress, Mareike crouched down next to me.

“Yes, what then?” I asked lurking.

“My daughter! Could you please not talk to her? I have so much to do well with her! She blocks every attempt at contact.”

In my head it ratted. The trigger from her head is out. Nobody can do anything for me anymore. Her therapy is largely completed successfully. My budget factor exceeded 20. I am nothing more guilty to her, cursed! She probably suspected my thoughts.

Then she let her hand wander very slowly along my thigh, began to knead my bag gently. Her uncovered bust stretched out to me and lasciviously drove her tongue over her shiny lips. Everything in me screamed: Fuck! No! No more problems! I fought with myself, was wildly determined Mareike and her nymphomaniac charisma finally determined to meet. Enough! Off! I must not let this vamp manipulate me any longer! Where is my self-respect as a man and therapist? A lovingly sucking mouth closed over my dick.

So a few days later I stood in front of the bell board of a typical shared flat in the old town. 4 names. First another woman, type Ökotussi, opened the door and looked at me suspiciously through the door gap. I asked about Frau Krause. Then she called to the back of the room: “Petraaa! For you! Certainly from the social welfare office or from the Arge!

Shortly afterwards Petra Krause appeared with her head at the rift. I still knew what she looked like. But when I saw her, my breath faltered. She should be about 20 now. At this age even the devil is beautiful. But with this specimen the creator meant it already very well. I had to call myself to order inside. She seemed very surprised.

“I do know her! You are Mr. Kurt from the third floor! What do they want?

“Today I am her mother’s therapist and she has really changed a lot. She regrets the past very much and wishes nothing more than to make the unhappy time good again.” “Today I am the therapist of her mother and she has really changed a lot.

“They talk easily. Do you know how long it took me to get my life in order?”

“Yes, that is clear to me. I know their mother long enough! But look at it this way: Now would be the opportunity to clear up the conflicts. Under professional guidance. I would be willing to treat your last doubts from a medical point of view.”

“Oh, right! You were such a psycho uncle. A shrink.”

“Or something.” I said. “Your mother was a particularly hard piece for me and the reconciliation with them would be an important step forward in therapy.”

“Oh fuck it! Come in!” She opened the door completely and stepped aside. My breath stopped! She wore such tight hotpants and an incredibly wide shirt cut out at sleeves and décolleté. That emphasized her youthful physique. Barefoot. The legs seem endlessly long, tenderly tanned. The long straight hair at the base in shiny chestnut brown and towards the tips in silky black. She kept babbling as I stepped into a hallway, careful not to stumble. Maybe 20 pairs of shoes stood wildly mixed up. I followed Petra into a kitchen-living room. She danced fast on her toes through the obstacles, very thin shackles, her tight little butt wiggled so sweet!

I still have stomach pains and menstrual cramps when I think only of my mother or hear the word “mother”.

“Yes, I understand that. Such a thing is not so rare with women under stress. But today you can treat that well with a high success rate.”

“I’ve been to 5 doctors and they all stamped me as a simulant.”

“It doesn’t have to have any physical causes either.” And after a break: “Do you know for example hypnosis therapy? Did it slip out of my mouth unintentionally?

Everything inside me screamed: No! Not again! Stop that shit! Then I looked at this beautiful woman again. Her tight legs, the smooth silky shining long hair, her beautiful feet and hands, her well-kept natural nails. The small firm breasts, whose beginnings flashed laterally by the arm cutouts.

“Yes, I heard about it. That should work really well for some people.”

“For her mother it was the last resort. This had changed her so much. Would you like to try that? It would be a fully-fledged alternative to conventional psychotherapy and completely risk-free for her.”

She thought for a moment. “And who pays for it?”

“Her mother’s health insurance.” I lied. “They’re lateral damage, so to speak, and I included that in her mother’s statement.”

“We could try that. When?

“Whenever you want.” And after a pause in which she looked at me with her bright blue eyes, asking, almost asking: “Good. For all I care now. Do you have a comfortable sofa or a good armchair?”

“Yes, in my room. Over there!”

The moment I closed the door behind me from the inside and the pretty girl fell into a rocking chair, shyly smiled and showed her immaculate white teeth, I knew exactly, this takes a bad….