An extraordinary photo opportunity

Give bitcoind 12 - An extraordinary photo opportunityBeing a photographer sounds great to many, people think of sports cars, Seychelles, more or less naked, beautiful girls, jet-set and luxury. For most photographers, reality looks rather bland. Passport photos, communions and confirmations, weddings and families. Nude and erotic photos are rarely in demand. And if you see such pictures in the shop window of a photographer near you, believe me, these are usually not normal commissioned works.

Also in my studio a call comes from time to time, almost only from women, if we also take erotic pictures. Often it stays with the inquiry but this time it came to a meeting. At the agreed time an attractive woman appeared, I estimate in my early 40s and greeted me with an open gaze and a firm handshake, introduced herself as Martina. Of course I enjoy my work more when I like the other person. When she took off her coat I took a closer look: short, blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, a slightly open mouth with full lips. Under the blouse rather small bulges, a little belly, slightly protruding hips, full thighs. Not a model, but I thought she was pretty.

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Shy Amateur Model

While she leafed through the pattern books I filled the coffee cups. We sat down and she told me that she knew my pictures from the internet, that she liked my way of photographing and that a friend who was with her family in my studio told her that I was a relaxed, likeable person. She wanted to give her boyfriend a photo calendar, but he should be a little more frivolous, more solid than what I show in the net and here. Whether I would do such a thing. I photograph what the customers want I explained to her, but I can’t show any examples because the people photographed in this way did not agree to a publication. Whether she would like it if the finished calendar or the pictures from this series would also be seen by others. She said she could only say that when the finished photos were available. We agreed on a price and date, and I told her that on the way to the studio she should only put on loose clothes so that there would be no printed stripes and that most women would feel safer if they brought a confidant to the shooting. “Let’s see” she said and we said goodbye.

Just in time before the appointment I turned up the heating (goose bumps look stupid), put some nice cloths in place, controlled camera and lighting system. It rang, she stood in front of me, a suitcase on one hand, a big Ikea bag in the other. I already knew the coat, including a jogging suit made by Sack, but it was pretty loose. And she stood there all alone, unaccompanied. “All alone, no chaperone” I asked. “Oh” she replied, “You won’t do anything to me that I don’t want, that would be bad for your reputation. And tell Tina to me, everybody does that. She came in, distributed her luggage. “We start with jeans and blouse, where can I change? I showed her the way to the bathroom and prepared the first set. She came back in a comfortable blue jeans, a white, a little transparent blouse, underneath a red lace bra. She stood by my beautiful old wooden ladder, I corrected her posture a little and took the first photos. “Now pluck a little on the top buttons and open them.” The bra flashed first a little, then clearly. She turned a little to the side, I would appreciate good B-, tight C-cups, as I like it.

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After a few more shots I said: “And now again, but without bra”. She went back to the bathroom, came back shortly afterwards without her bra but still with her blouse half-open. When Tina stood in the light again I could see her slightly brown nipples with small nipples shimmering through the blouse. A few times I pressed the trigger. “Don’t you think the nipples should come out a little better? Play a little with it.” A touch of pink scurried over her cheeks, her gaze went into a studio corner. “Otherwise someone always does it differently. “I can’t, I have to take pictures and I’m too far away.” She hesitantly grasped her right hand under her left breast, I pressed the trigger. Carefully her thumb and index finger crept up to the nipple and tasted it a little. She looked a little intimidated at me and squeezed a little harder and her nipple got bigger and darker. The whole time I continued to photograph of course. Her gaze became more direct, her lips opened a little, she seemed to like it. “So” I said, “just right. I explained to her how to turn herself in, grabbed the ready water sprayer and wet her in front.

Tina’s nipples pushed hard through the blouse. She covered her breasts with both hands. That also looked good on the pictures. “Now however times away with the hands, seize you into the hair” I commanded. She did it, standing with bulging nipples in the almost transparent blouse in front of me, first looking a little irritated, then almost provocatively into the camera. A few more photos and I handed Tina a towel “to dry” and told her she could put on something else. She took off the wet blouse “now you’ve seen her anyway” and put on a leather jacket. I changed the background and told her to leave the zipper of the jacket open and stand a little broad-legged frontally to the camera. The jacket was only a little open, that was too little for me. So I told her to put her hands on her hips. The jacket gaped open, it looked great. The curves of her breasts came out well, her nipples were half visible. They were still standing a little. “Make your nipples tighter.”

Now she knew what I wanted and twirled both sides heartily. “And now the jacket still a little further on – still more. Both breasts were now almost completely uncovered and she looked at me almost cheekily. I liked that and the photos were good. But Tina wanted more, so I told her: “And now you pull on the zipper of your trousers very slowly. A short twitch of her face and the fingers grabbed the button. “When pulling a little forward bend” and her beautiful breasts freed themselves from the jacket. The zipper ratschte slowly downward. “And now grab the two ends of the waistband and pull out a little and put it upright again.” “Turn a little to the side, push the jacket away on my side and pull the trousers a little lower at the hip.” Tina followed all of this, her gaze got more depth. She can’t really look at me, I have the camera in front of my face. “Now with the left hand times in the front in the trousers seize. Well, let it slide a little deeper.” Her eyes became brighter. “Now take off your jacket and turn your butt to me.” The jacket flew to the side. “Should I make the pants again?” “No, stretch your butt a little to me and put your hands back in the pockets. Now look over my shoulder to me.”

A violent look flew towards me, a bulging butt stretched out towards me. I would have liked to have touched it now, stroked it. But I have to deny myself something like that. “Now push the trousers slowly down. I photographed the trousers moving downwards, the rear part that was becoming more and more visible and waited for the emergence of a slip. “Tina asked, “How much further? “Until your panties appeared” I replied. Tina turned really red this time. “Uh, I’m not wearing any.” “Then just until I can see everything! “Really? Everything? “Yes, you want to show the viewer of the photos how sexy, seductive you are.” “All right”, and she pulled down her trousers further. A pretty gap showed up, two strong, crisp cheeks lit up, then a beautiful, pale rosette and finally the shaved pussy came out. The labia closed but clearly visible. Her upper body was now almost in the horizontal, her rear part stretched out to my camera to bite tasty against. “So, that was it with this row, cigarette break, cup of coffee and then change outfit.

During the coffee break I loaded the previous pictures onto the computer. Tina came back from the bathroom, had her jogging on again and was amazed: “Oh Dieter, the pictures are great. And the last ones are sharp. But I’m not allowed to show them to anyone.” During the cigarette she wanted to know from me if that wouldn’t turn me on to see a woman like that. “You know, we men are not multitasking. When I have the camera on my eye I see pictures, light and shadow. There’s no room left in the brain for anything else.” (Remark from me: That’s almost true. Even if I look with the camera of a woman into the pussy I do not get a stand. But if I must during or after such a photo series times for small boys, my glans is always beautifully flutschig.)

After the cigarette, Tina went back to the bathroom. She came into the studio with the famous touch of nothing and a small panty. A white negligee covered her upper body without really covering anything. So the white background let down to take tender, romantic photos. The first position, I only had to briefly say “your nipples” and she plucked and pulled until they stung again nicely through the white fabric. A few photos standing, kneeling, lying on my back with my head to me, as well as on my stomach. “Now you sit down frontally to me, your feet on the floor, your knees nicely raised, your legs wide apart. Both hands supported in front of the body.” She did this, I photographed, but the panties on my hips disturbed me. I said, “it looks better without the panties.” “OK” just came back, she got up and instead of going to the bathroom she took off her panties in front of me. When she put it aside I thought I saw a wet glow in the panties. Then I caught a glimpse of her bare butt, which I already knew, later I noticed a small stripe of hair on her pubic mound. She sat down again in position and it looked better so.

“Push your hands a little more outwards.” Through the camera could look now directly into her column. The labia were more open than before the break and shone easily. Also Tina made it nothing more from herself so in front of the camera to move it made her visibly fun. And by that I mean not only the sparkle in her panties, on her pussy, also the shine in the eyes and on the lips have become much more intense. “And now again in the kneeling, with the back to me, the knees beautiful far apart. Almost well, push your Negligee on the bottom a little higher. Great! Now lift your ass a little and push both hands through.” Tina followed my instructions almost willlessly. “Look at me over my shoulder.” Her gaze was slightly clouded, her mouth between smiles and sighs. “That’s enough with this outfit, you can wear something else.” Almost disappointed she looked at me and pulled off towards the bathroom.

Shortly afterwards she was back in a fiery red corsage. With lacquer or leather bordered tulle it meets probably quite well. Narrow strips of the firm material framed large pieces of the almost transparent tulle. And the beauty was: breasts and nipples, the pussy was only covered by tulle. I don’t have to give many instructions to Tina anymore, she moved, she almost danced in front of the camera and to me as if she wanted to seduce us. Sometimes she held out a breast to me, made the nipples stiff without being asked, sometimes she pushed her hip provocatively into the light, then again she pushed her pelvis forward, played with her hands on breasts, buttocks, inner thighs. Quickly there was another series on the chip. “I think we have the photos for the calendar together, Tina. Or are there any photos you would like to have?” She printed around a bit: “I never thought I’d dare to expose myself so far in front of a stranger, but it was a lot of fun and I got a bit fuzzy too. There is something else, but first I need a cigarette and a piccolo. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any champagne, I can offer you a Metaxa or a Gin-Tonic. But don’t you have to drive?” “Oh, I’ll call my mother, she can pick me up. She has always done it before. A gin and tonic, please.” Tina disappeared in the bathroom, I mixed the drink and made myself another coffee.

I was a little disappointed when she appeared in a jogging bag, a little intimidated, looked at me a little provocatively, sat down on the edge of the chair and lit a cigarette, sipped her drink. When the cigarette was put out in the ashtray, she dumped the rest of the gin tonic into it. “Now it will work,” and rushed into the bathroom. In the studio I waited for her and Tina appeared without anything on her body, just a kind of toilet bag in her hand. She pulled a chair into the recording position and sat on it with her legs beaten over each other. “All this time you’ve been giving me instructions,” said Tina, “now I decide and you photograph!

I went back to my camera and Tina started pampering her breasts. With one hand on her nipple she let the other hand wander south. She cuddled her tuft of hair, opened her legs a little. “Now with the camera only on my hands.” With both hands she stroked her thighs, which she opened more and more. When her fingers pulled the labia apart, the first drop ran onto the seat of the chair. She was wet, and how! Tina reached into her pocket and pulled out a small silver vibrator. She pushed it into her wet pussy. A few times in raus, then she switched it on. “And now only my face” she japste. What Tina had done between her legs I could not see. But her face was beautiful and horny. She breathed more and more violently, almost röchelte, japste after air . Then her gaze broke and she screamed in release. After a few violent breaths she looked at me, now again with clear, demanding eyes. “That was necessary! Put the camera away, take off your clothes, I need a man now!

I was and am not a great seducer, I think a woman has never felt oppressed by me. But I could not and would not resist this wish, yes command. Quickly the camera was put aside and I was undressed.

“Now you make my nipples stiff! I kissed, licked, plucked my lips. When she pressed my head against her, I bit a bit, too. Tina pressed her breasts against me and put my hand between her legs. I stroked, even slipped over her wet lips, found her clitoris, felt her breath on my head. My tail pochte, wanted to play with, but Tina pushed my head down. Between her wide spread legs I sat in front of the chair, my stiff limb stuck out into nothingness and I licked on what flowed from Tina. Her pussy jerked more and more violently, above it became louder and louder. One, then two fingers I pushed into it, looked for the sensitive place under the pubic bone. Tinas clit between the lips, forefinger and middle finger in her I felt her twitching and from above an almost roared “yes, yes, yes! There I was, fingers and face glibbrig wet, Tina’s pleasant taste in her mouth, under my foreskin drops were pouring out when she came to again. You can lick almost better than photographing” she japste looked down at me “and he makes me come again, get up”.”

I placed myself there, Tina took my cock in her hand “oh, who is happy but already” pulled back my foreskin and took it in his mouth. “Mmmmhh, delicious. But I don’t want it in the mouth, where it belongs. She knelt with her arms over the back of the chair. “Now push it slowly into me and push me a little! A few times I stroked her dripping labia with a shining glans, then I pushed my cock pleasurably into the warm confinement. With small pushes I elicited horny tones from Tina. Both from her smacking pussy and from her mouth. “Now very slowly deep in and out again” she moaned. I was so engrossed in the contemplation of my rod gliding in and out, in the lustful feelings that created that I did not even notice that Tina had fished the vibrator and held me there. “Spoil my asshole with it and go on nice and slow,” Tina puffed. Directly on the rosette I spat on her, fetched with the finger still of our common lubricant between her legs, distributed that on, and also a little in her asshole. My abdomen slowly pushed back and forth, in my sack it bubbled, the vibrator began to hum and circle the second hole. Squeezed she said “now both of you in! The vibrator slipped into Tina’s butt hole, my cock was happy about the vibration and Tina screamed “final sprint!

At her full, firm hips I clawed myself firmly, my stomach pushed the vibrator and I pushed Tina, incapable of any control. Whether it was seconds, minutes or hours (probably rather the first to the second) so I did not get with. Only desire! Lust in the tail, Lust in the bag, Lust before the eyes, Lust in the ears. Something splashed on my thighs, my sperm splashed deep into Tina, it rang in my ears, my legs became soft, I had to sit down.

After the shower (each for himself) we have still with a coffee the pictures for the calendar selected. Tina called her mother and was gone a quarter of an hour later. Once I saw her again. When she picked up the calendar and paid. For my sample books I was allowed to take some of the photos from the first quarter. She didn’t want to see herself on my homepage. Tina also got all the photos on CD. Did she ever show them to anyone?