An unforgettable time with Lydia

Give bitcoind 12 - An unforgettable time with LydiaI had just successfully completed my studies in communication science when I was sitting in our pub with my former fellow students. One stage of my life was now over, a new one would soon begin. Many here would, that was already certain, at name-institutes a place begin, but I pulled into the free economy. In order to know what was going on there, I already had an employment contract with a large retail company in my pocket. For the others, this step caused astonishment and one or the other corresponding comment, but I didn’t care. In two months I would take up the position and gain more experience.

Before, however, there were still a few things on my small list that I had to do. The rest of the evening, and the rest of the night, I spent as so often with Sonja, a fellow student who would start her job at a German foundation in Russia in the next weeks. Exhausted, we lay on my bed and enjoyed the remains of the ecstasy that had just carried us. It was our last night together, that was completely clear to us.

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Sexy Lydia

 We weren’t a couple in the conventional sense; it was more what they called a fuck relationship back then. And fucking, that’s what we liked to do. Where, that didn’t really matter to us (and is perhaps the subject of our own story), but with that, we knew, it was over in the future.

The next few weeks flew by, and before I knew it I had taken up my position in the food retail trade. I had quickly familiarized myself with the job and my relaxed, distanced nature also gave me quick access to my colleagues. More and more responsibilities were assigned to me, until finally, after half a year, I became the deputy manager of the market. Mostly I had late duties, which did not disturb me however further, because thus I could work in peace and worry besides about my household. I enjoyed working in the retail trade, and so I pushed the idea of moving to a communications office, I had received an offer to do so, far away from me.

When you work with people, it can happen that you make a connection outside of work. Such social connections are completely normal and enrich life. And then it can happen that you go one step further within such a connection, and that happened between Lydia and me. Lydia, there are very few women who have burned themselves into my memories like that. It all started after a late shift, which was longer than usual due to differences in cash registers. Lydia and I now stood at the station and had to realize that the next train would not arrive for another hour. Normally I would go by car, but my car was in the workshop, so we had no choice but to wait for the train.

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“Why do you stay so calm?” Lydia asked me after we had put ourselves a bit off the track. I had taken out my cigarettes and offered one of the chopsticks to my colleague. “Because it wouldn’t change the situation”, I replied calmly after we had enjoyed the first moves and had thus described my attitude to life. In fact, I was rarely disturbed by anything, and for many I was a kind of haven of peace in their lives. This peace radiated also on Lydia, that was clearly to be felt. For a while we were silent and thoughtful, until the weather brought us into reality, because suddenly it started to rain.

Not this actually typical light summer rain, but a full-grown thunder shower made sure that we were completely soaked within a short time. Quickly we walked to a nearby shelter, not a second too late, because we had hardly reached the shelter when the rain increased in intensity. The shelter, which was located on the back of the supermarket and had been set up especially for the smoking employees, was fortunately a little higher, because the sewers were not able to absorb these amounts of rainwater in such a short time. The way to the station, where Lydia and I had just stood, was already under water.

We still had time, the train would not arrive for about 40 minutes, but I had my doubts whether the water had flowed so far by then. “And now?” Lydia asked me. We had sat down on one of the benches and, after I had put my cigarettes on the table, smoked another one. “Now we have to wait and see” I said.

With the rain came the thunderstorm, and above us the forces of nature danced their dance. I didn’t even look at the clock anymore, because from experience I knew that the track has problems again and again in such weather. Suddenly I felt Lydia’s head on my shoulder. “Somehow it’s romantic too,” she said, then she lifted her head and kissed me. It came as a complete surprise to me, because I hadn’t expected that with the best will in the world. Lydia, I knew, had only just had a separation behind her, and at first I wanted to avert the coming one, but those warm and soft lips made it difficult for me, because a lot of time has passed since my last night with Sonja – time I spent alone. “Only today,” Lydia said all at once. She seemed to feel my inner struggle. “I don’t want a relationship. Lydia looked at me while she was tampering with my pants.

Did this really happen? Yes, it was reality. I clearly felt Lydia’s hand in my pants, and with it my last doubts had disappeared. I groaned as Lydia slipped her hand under my panties and started massaging me instantly. She kissed me again, and this time I returned the kiss passionately.

Very quickly what was to happen happened and without thinking long we had pulled each other out of their wet clothes. I kissed Lydia’s breast with devotion as she pressed against me, groaning loudly. The thunderstorm was long gone, and when we finally merged into one, there was a completely autonomous thunderstorm within us anyway. Very slowly I slipped into Lydia, and when it was too late we fell into the final intoxication. Immediately Lydia began to throw herself at me. It was not about the exchange of tenderness; it was only about sex. Lydia, I quickly noticed, was starved and took what she needed. With a passion that I have rarely experienced, she sat on me and rode me as if I were a stallion to be tamed, because Lydia was driving my tail into her faster and faster and so quickly brought herself to the edge of ecstasy. Our kisses became wilder, and then there was no turning back for Lydia. She literally rammed my cock into her and then gave a single, never-ending scream. Her whole body trembled, and with her arms Lydia clasped me so that she of me much.

Slowly Lydia opened her eyes and looked at me. “Feels awesome,” she said and smiled as she slowly began to move again. “Yeah,” she moaned. “You’ve got a horny cock.” Lydia massaged me with her inner muscles. Then she looked at me, and her gaze alone brought me to the edge of ecstasy. “Fuck me,” Lydia said and leaned back. “Fuck my soul out of my body.” What an invitation, and what a sight. I began to massage the luscious breasts that Lydia presented me as I slowly pushed into the wet lap. Lydia groaned. “Yeah,” it came from her. “Come to me.” And that’s exactly what I had in mind. If I was slow until just now, I gradually increased the tempo and let my tail disappear again and again up to the absolute stop in Lydia. Long ago we had both fallen into this intoxication, and an end was so fast not in sight. Again and again Lydia clung to me and let her nails leave traces in my skin, but this sweet pain only further spurred me on. Lydia shoved her tongue into my mouth and immediately we kissed in a vehemence that surpassed anything before. At the same time we increased our speed and drove ourselves ever faster to the ecstasy that consumed everything. Everything in me was tense to tear apart, and just in time I was able to pull my tail out of Lydia. With a loud scream I let myself be driven by the wave of passion. Again and again shot my juice on the body of this desirable woman, but that was not enough for Lydia.

Again she showed me how starved she was. Without hesitation she bent over and began to spoil my cock with her lips in such a way that he didn’t even retire that he actually wanted to give himself. Finally Lydia came up again and again we fell into a wild hugging, whereby she pulled me on herself and placed my tail directly to the entrance of her gate. “Fuck me”, she said and looked at me deeply, and I could not resist this invitation absolutely. Yes, I took Lydia, and this woman acknowledged every push from me with a loud scream.

Lydia lay on the table and had her legs wrapped around me, while I clearly made her feel how strong my desire for her was. Our beat became faster and faster, our moans and our screams louder and louder. The feeling that the muscles massaging me gave me was absolutely indescribable. Lydia always managed to delay the ecstasy by the moment we needed to calm down for a moment, but then came the moment that would change everything. There was no turning back, both of us had long since passed the point. Lydia pressed herself firmly against me and set the pace with her legs. It was completely clear what she wanted, and then I exploded. Another time my tail unloaded, but this time in Lydia.

A never-ending ecstasy broke over us, and I sank into a deep black from which I woke up only slowly. Lydia lay beside me on the table and looked at me with an empty look. Slowly my tail became smaller in her, and when I slipped from the lap of this charming woman, she moaned quietly. That was wonderful,” said Lydia quietly, cuddling close to me.

From now on a time began which, looking back, I still regard as wonderful despite everything. Where there is light, there is also shadow, and in the end we all grow from the experiences we have in the course of our lives.