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Truth or Duty – A Harmless Party Game?

“You sure you don’t want to come?” I asked my friend Wibke, “you could use a break.” Of course I had a good talk, I had already finished my master thesis last semester, while my girlfriend was in the final state of stress two weeks before the deadline. On the other hand, this weekend was […]

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How to celebrate a birthday

I had lost a harmless bet to my sex boyfriend Tom. Therefore he was allowed to wish every birthday present that he wanted. He knew immediately what he wanted and it didn’t surprise me that his wish had anything to do with sex. I had to be at his disposal all day long on his […]

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Blind Greed – A Parisian nymphomaniac

Take me, my lips shaped silently. You had understood. You came to me. You opened your trousers. You looked at me with your demanding looks. I spread my thighs and lay on my back. With a jerk you were in me. The blood pulsated in my body. My clitoris twitched in joyful expectation. You bumped […]

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Résumé of a slut

I have done a lot of unusual things in the past years that I could never have imagined myself as a prudish girl who I used to be and also as a wife. Much happened out of revenge on my ex-husband, which, as you know, always stimulated me in a very special way and made […]

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Sexy Christmas with the family

A university student spends Christmas with his patchwork family and discovers completely new sides to his stepsister and his stepmother. When I woke up on Christmas morning, I wondered briefly why I was lying in my parents’ house on the sofa bed in the guest room and not in the bed in my room that […]

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